#WOTR21 #Zombies – Beyond the Rainbows by L.C. Mortimer

Sophie Stern is writing as L.C. Mortimer

Beyond Rainbows: A Zombie Novel by [L.C. Mortimer]

The end of the world came and went, and with it, our hope died.

Tiffany Erickson is nobody special.

She’s just an ordinary person trying to live an ordinary life, but that’s nearly impossible when you live in a world ravaged by the undead. She roams through the free realms, hiding and living in the shadows of the impossible cities, until one day, everything changes.

A lost child.

An unimaginable note.

A plea for help.

Tiffany has a choice to make, but no matter what she chooses, she’s about to discover that she can no longer stay hidden in the shadows as the world rots away.

She has to fight, but it could cost her everything.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this book.

ZOMBIES!!  YYYYEEEEESSSS!!  Ok so anyone who is scared of zombie books this one isn’t very gory, but it is intense with fighting and running for safety from hordes.  If you want to read a book about great interpersonal relationships and how the world has gone to hell..this is your book.

Tiffany, Gregory and Kendra are just living life the best they can in their treehouse above the world in an open pasture when a child stumbles into their safety zone.  Riley is 7, alone, and looking for her dad.  She admits to what she has seen and what she has lived but needs to get to her dad is another town. The trio decide to help her vs having her stumble onto zombies or even worse, HUNTERS AKA Bad humans.

The story is a look into what it would take to help someone you don’t know when you aren’t even sure if who they are looking for is alive but also putting yourself at a great risk.  I loved the relationship the 3 had and when Riley joins the group how they all do everything they can to hep her feel safe.  They all want to see this little girl who was born in the crazy zombie world find her dad.

I admit there were a few EEEEK moments and even a couple teary ones.  But I loved the world LC created and can’t wait to grab another novel to read.

L.C. Mortimer was raised on a small farm in Kansas, which sparked her interest in going off the grid. Learning how to can, garden, and become self-reliant were all important parts of her upbringing. After pursuing her degree in English Literature, Mortimer traveled the country with her husband, living in Hawaii, Maryland, and everywhere in between. When she’s not busy dreaming up her next story, Mortimer can be found stocking up on canned goods for the zombie apocalypse.

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