#WOTR22 #Audio #reread – Unforgotten Family, Ariel Kimber Book 6 by Mary Martel, Narration by Melissa Schwairy

Unforgotten Family: An Ariel Kimber Novel

Ariel Kimber has settled into life with her family and coven. Everything seems to be as it should, and she finally feels like she’s exactly where she needs to be in her life.
Her dad is awesome and she loves getting to know him.
Her guys are the best and she falls deeper in love with them by the day.
Her job at Fortunes for the Unfortunate does not suck and she’s more than happy to spend her days there.
Her guardians have become family to her and she finally thinks she’s living the good life.
But, like everything else in Ariel’s life, that goodness does not last.
When the Council comes to call, she answers and refuses to bend to their will. They are not men who take this lightly and there will be consequences.
And her dream walking has gotten out of control and takes her to someone she can’t forget or leave behind.
Her life quickly becomes a mess, and she’s forced to do things that threaten her relationships in order to try and dig her way out of it. She’ll do anything for the sake of her coven, but at what cost?
And will they forgive her when it’s all said and done?


I read this book in 2020 and received an audio copy from the author in 2021

I love it when audio books are released a while after I have read a book.  I get to relive it all over again and I love the OH yeah I forgot about that moments. I enjoyed listening to Melissa Schwairy narration on this book.

Review posted from 2020:

I received this book for free from the author for an honest review.
OMG this book. Intense and full of twists but also with a delicious dish of hot lovin!!
If you are a fan of this series, you are going to be holding your breath like I did for huge chunks in this book.
There is so much to discuss. The biggest part is the family we are learning about. The aspect of family is so weaved in this book. The coven family, the ragtag add on family we have fallen for, Mr. Cole, and lord help us…the Council. There is bile in my throat and when you read you will understand why.
I am really excited to read more Raven and see him helping out our family when they are in need twice in this book.
But friends, this book…..man the bonds of Ariel and her boyfriends are really really realllllly stretched and almost break in this book. I was devastated and so will you be. Can I just say, I loved seeing Jules and Damien shine in this book. I also loved seeing their “coupledom” shine. Can I also say that I loved seeing Quinton realize sometimes your family can help take care of everyone and he doesn’t have to take that all on his shoulders. Can I say, the twins……omfg…ya’ll. Can I say Tyson is the best bestie you can have but also needed a nut punch. Can I say Mr. Cole is not my friend anymore. Can I say…..this book Ariel and her boys drew deep gouges and lines in the sand for the Council. I kinda fear for the next book after the way Adrian left things with Ariel!!!!

Mary Martel was born in West Michigan and spent the majority of her life there. She currently resides in North Dakota with her husband, and her two beautiful daughters. She’s an avid reader, and when not writing she can be found with her nose stuck in a book.

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