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A Lady Forsaken Box Set (Books 1-5) by [Christina McKnight]

USA Today Bestselling Regency Romance Series!

Shunned No More, A Lady Forsaken Book One
A lady Shunned by all…
A lord Betrayed by one…
An impossible match, destined to be…

Forgotten No More, A Lady Forsaken Book Two
A lady forgotten by all…
A man mesmerized by one…
A love neither can abandon…

Scorned Ever More, A Lady Forsaken Book Three
A man willing to sacrifice all…
A woman determined to take everything…
A love lost forever…

Christmas Ever More, A Lady Forsaken Book Four
A lady seeking forgiveness for her past…
A woman forging a new path in life…
A girl lost and in search of a place to belong…
A trio of women holding out hope for three different holiday miracles…
Christmas ever more.

Hidden No More, A Lady Forsaken Book Five
A lady concealed from society…
A man uncovering the secrets of his past…
A love neither can hide…


Review by Twinsie Angie

Book 1-

I bought this book with my own hard earned cash because I met this author and didnt know she was a writer….LOL I knew she read for an author friend but didnt know she was until one day it “clicked” in my head. Then I was like DUH ANGIE!! So since I was going to be meeting her in Vegas, I bought a book to read.

Now I like Historical books but they are not for everyone. Now most historical that I have read have some naughty sex in it…nope not a drop of naughty here til like 97% so if you want smutty then this is not for you. HOWEVER, this book is good with chemistry. I was forever screaming at Brock and Viola to “just get with it and kiss already!!” I mean the two are sooo perfect for each other but are to busy gettin’ in their own dang way!!

Brock returns from the military to all his family members being gone. He is the only member remaining. His goals are to ruin the woman who ruined his family, get a wife and have kids……simple right!!?? LOL

Viola ran far far far away from high society after she was involved in the death of two young socialites. She has been in hiding and trying to make amends for what she did. She wants to just breed horses and live a quiet life. A husband and family are not in her future because she doesn’t deserve them.

Well as you know, your two enemies meet. The chemistry is CRAZY good. The first kiss was great even though we know Brock is gonna flip his lid when he finds out he is lusting over the enemy. The woman he is sworn to DESTROY!! Ok a bit over the top there Brock but he is a man on a mission.

So this story starts to unravel. There is alot of deceit and betrayal happening behind Viola’s back. She thinks it is Brock and when they have a showdown…WOW!! She kicked his butt *High 5 Viola*. But when we see Brock realizing Viola is a changed woman…swoon……

I cannot wait for book 2. I want to know all about Viola’s bestie Ruby. She has some skeletons in her closet that is prolly gonna be getting aired out VERY VERY soon!!

Book 2-

I received this book from the author for an honest review.
*Puts my hand in the air to stop you* Now wait a minute and hear me out……This author has made me love Historical Romance again. I read historical but really had kinda walked away from the genera because I wanted smut *Snickers* and I wasn’t finding any historical stories that really grabbed my attention. WELLLLLLL that is so not the case now.
Ok so I met and talked with the author for several weeks before realizing she was an author!! The fact she never pushed her stuff on me made me wanna read her even more. So I shelled out a few coins and fell in love with Lady Vi and Lord Brock. Their story was crazy good. The chemistry was awesome BUT the whole time I wanted to know about Vi’s bestie Ruby and Brock’s bro from another mother, Harold. The two are so right for each other and are so busy with dealing with family drama.

The book starts with Harold noticing Ruby and remembering her as a small child. They were friends who grew up playing together. They are thrown together again because of their mutual acquaintances. Harold is noticing Ruby doing some shady things and decided to be her white knight and rescue the damsel in distress. Along the way, Harold begins to realize his feelings for Ruby might be more than just “friendly”…GASP the scene at the theater……..Oh *fans self* Mr. Jakeston……Why can I sit next to you next time??? Throughout this book, Ruby is investigating some truths she discovered about herself. She is secretly investigating with the help of Harold whether she wants it or not!!

Harold is not looking to go into the family Vicary. He is spending his life having fun until the day he must return home to a mundane life. He begins a bit of an adventure of his own with the help of a person from his past all the while trying to stop these growing feelings for Ruby. He knows she is way above him socially. The two get thrown together a lot and they soon begin to have “wondering hands”….OMG are those scenes hawt and spicy……I mean Wondering hands are always good reads right???

What I loved about this story besides hottie Harold and Ruby finding love?? Ellington or Ellie. She is a CHARACTER and I cannot wait for her book….and yes she is getting one!! She is such a spit fire and during a certain scene, she offered Harold some insight into what he should be doing in regards to Ruby. I was cracking up.

Well if you like good chemistry and some mystery? Then this book and series are a great addition to your reading.

Book 3-

I beta read this book from the author for an honest opinion.
*Wipes my eyes* WHY!! *Sobbing* Why didn’t I read the blurb to prepare my heart for this book. *Uncontrollable tears* WHHHHHHHHY!!!!!!! *throws tantrum on the floor*

*Several hours later and a lot of sherry later*

Ok I am now composed enough to discuss this amazing book Christina. I am a big HR reader. I love the erotic to the traditional. I love the people, the time and the talk of the books. I will say that Christina’s latest book is a mixture of traditional with a splash of erotic. If you read her other 2 books, you will see that she kicked up the spicy factor but it’s still tastefully written and nothing you won’t enjoy *wiggles eye brows* I will say this books characters drew me in like none of her other past characters have. I have loved each book and character even proclaiming that Harold is my Theater buddy (If you read book 2 you understand the reference) but this set of characters was amazing!!

So this book takes us back to BEFORE book 1. We are learning about the awful Drake from the other 2 books….you know THAT guy who is terrible to Ellington. Yeah THAT GUY. So we hate him right?? WELLLLL you might change your mind after reading this book. I mean I fell in total and complete love with him. I messaged Christina the entire time I was reading growling at bad stuff that was happening to him!! YEAH CAN YOU BELIVE IT!! ME EITHER!!

So our buddy Andrew/Drake is a total rakeshell. He and his buddy Benji/Chastain like to seduce other men’s wives for sport. They don’t even care what people think of them. Well fast forward to a new man. 10 years have passed and Andrew is over his dawg ways. Then he spots a beauty. He must get to know her…well Benji has NOT changed and so he also wants too get to know her. The two men pretty much are after her for separate reasons. Andrew because his heart really wants her but Benji just to “get the girl’ from his best friend….brother from another mother.

Lorelei is drawn to Andrew but her DUTY is to form an attachment to Benji. It seems out little lady is a bit of a *GASP* Spy. She wants what Benji has to save her family and her life from Napoleon!!! Yup not goooooood. Lorelei and her family put on a huge ruse to get accepted by the Ton.

Well Things happen and I will not go into detail with all the business BUT Lorelei is to marry Benji….nooo you cry? ME TOO!!!! The chemistry, the angst, the love that comes from Lorelei and Andrew is intense. They seem to have bad timing. The story goes through about a year of them having almost and near misses. The final ending of the story…I will say from about 60% …….I couldn’t put it DOWN!! I devoured the book. I read through my tears. I read through my tantrum. I read through it alllllll and after I was a mess but a happy mess???? How can that be right????

Book 4-

I received this book from the author for an honest review.
Oh Harold *Swooning and sighing* Oh Brock *wipes my chin drool* OHHH Alex?? HRMMM New one to add to my men to lust over………
This is a great historical series to read. If you haven’t and love historical then please STOP and start with buying book 1. If you do, you will fall so in love with these characters and their love stories.

This novella is a sneak peek at our favorite couples Harold and Ruby plus Vi and Brock. Both ladies are looking for a redemption of sorts this holiday season. Vi wants forgiveness for what happened to Brock’s brothers and Ruby is looking for forgiveness from her sister who was abused at the hands of their awful father……Brock and Harold are looking to give their wives the best first holiday imaginable!!! Dude, reading about Harold being naughty in the linen closet…GASP! I do so love him!!

This book warmed my heart so much to see these couples striving and doing well. It also does a great job setting up Alex and Ellington’s book. She is a tough nut to crack but when Alex does, she is going to be a pile of gush like the other two ladies were.

Book 5-

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Oh Ellie *SMH* What a troubled and hurtful life you had growing up under your fathers control. The Drake was not a good father. He was not kind, loving or in any way nurturing to you. The only thing he did was give you a lovely roof over your head, have a devoted half-sister for you and introduce you to Marce who is more a mother/friend for Ellie.

Alex *sigh* What a wonderful life you lived with Mrs. Dutton. Your parents abandoned you but still you grew up with love and devotion from this woman who sacrificed do much for you. You may have been cold, poor and hungry but you never went without love. The two of you had such a different life.

Ellie and Alex are thrown together because he is the hired stable hand at Ellie’s father’s home. She can’t stop watching him and wondering about him but she always treats him high handed and rudely. She is the bastard daughter of the Drake. She is his spitting image at times. Alex cannot stop watching Ellie out of the corner of his eye. Her sister asked him to keep an eye out for her. Alex finds he enjoys knowing she is there hiding in the shadows while he works but wonders why she is so mean when they do exchange words. She lived a wonderful life of riches how can she be so miserable???

Ellie is about to lose her home when a “new claim” is being made on her father’s estate. With Alex’s help they get the papers she needs to try and stop the new owner from taking over. The paper that Ellie gets sends her into a spiral…what she discovers is critical to not only her future but Alex’s as well. Now does she tell him or not? Does she risk losing all for a STABLE HAND???
The two have such an amazing journey in this story. You can see them both growing but Ellie’s growth knocked me off my socks. She makes such strides in overcoming her personality flaws for fear of ending up like her father….cold, miserable, heart broken and alone. Alex is stunned by what is discovered and cannot believe the changes it will make for his life but one thing he cannot risk is losing Ellie to his new life circumstances.

USA Today Bestselling Author Christina McKnight writes emotional and intricate Regency Romance with strong women and maverick heroes. Her books combine romance and mystery, exploring themes of redemption and forgiveness. When not writing she enjoys coffee, wine, traveling the world, and watching television.

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