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Heart of the Wolf (The Wild Hunt Legacy Book 6) by [Cherise Sinclair]

All she wanted was a family.

It wasn’t to be.
Ripped apart at the loss of her unborn babies and the uncaring lovers who’d rejected her, Heather locks away her heart. Her dreams never come true.

With nothing left to lose, the wolf shifter risks death to warn the God that the appointed guardian of Rainier territory is destroying the clan. If she dies during the ritual, so be it.

Far away, three brothers are content with their lives.
A Canadian Mountie, André is a take-charge protector of innocents.
A computer hacker, Niall was called by the god to fight for his people.
A chef, Madoc is so heart-wounded, he’ll cross the street to avoid a female.

Their circle is closed. No mate need apply.

When Niall goes missing, André and Madoc find their injured brother in a mountain town. There, to their horror, the god chooses André to be Cosantir of Rainier Territory. In one devastating moment, the Mountie loses his life as he knew it—and so do his loyal brothers.

The god has answered Heather’s request. But how can she leave the brothers to fix all the clan’s problems? If only they weren’t so compelling. Darkly gorgeous, commanding André. Huge, blond, over-protective Niall. Dangerous, brawny Madoc. Watching the big, tough males care for two orphaned boys, she knows her heart is going to be shattered—three males never fall for the same female.

Andre’s life of avoiding entanglements disappears as he begins to care for his new clan…and a smart, generous female with the biggest heart in all the land. But his plan to get his brothers to fall for Heather is crushed when danger threatens all he holds dear.

The previous Cosantir is seeking revenge—and Heather and the two orphans are in his sights.

Note to readers: Page-turning paranormal romance. Vulnerable, problem-solving heroine in danger. Three big, overprotective, cougar-shifter heroes. Two orphaned pickpockets in need of love. Heat level: scorching. HEA guaranteed.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this book by the authors for an honest review.

I absolutely love this author and jump when given a book to review. One of the things I love is that her males are alpha but not alpha-holes *Wink* and her females are strong yet feminine.  This book was another winner for me.  The only thing I might change was more of the trio building their bond together.

This is the story of Heather who has had a lot of heart ache the last few months. She lives in a shifter town with a Cosantir who really could care less about the people he protects.  Heather is done and goes to ask the Gods for help. Help is what she receives in the form of three littermates who end up having their eyes on her.

The littermates all like women during the Gathering but that is about all. No thanks to the females who want more.  Hard Pass to needy God-Chasers.  When they stumble into Heathers small town due to a small accident. Heather cares for the one and is sad when the others arrive to take him home.

The brothers, Niall, Andre, and Madoc, find the current Cosantir the God make a huge change and Andre accepted it.  Then the brothers learn of all they must do, and they enlist the help of a certain special and town loved female to help them.

Heather and the guys all grow and have a great friendship but suddenly slight touch and looks change between the men and her.  They think maybe this Heather female is the one they can all share. Heather, however, isn’t having it.  LOL

I loved the guys pushing her boundaries to make Heather open up but also making Madoc realize she is the one.  I adored Heather and her special relationship with all the guys but Madoc…that one really warmed my heart.  The bear has had a hard life and she was the one to make his open his eyes to the possibility.

Seeing friends from the past books was a great revisit for me a fan of the series.  But seeing new romances, well that makes me very excited for the future.

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she’s renowned for writing heart-wrenching romances with laugh-out-loud dialogue, alpha males, and absolutely sizzling sex.

I met my dearheart when vacationing in the Caribbean. Now I won’t say it was love at first sight. Actually since he stood over me, enjoying the view down my swimsuit top, I might have been a tad peeved—as well as attracted. But although we were together less than two days and lived on opposite sides of the country, love can’t be corralled by time or space.

We’ve now been married for many, many years. (And he still looks down my swimsuit tops.)

Nowadays, I live in the west with this obnoxious, beloved husband and a seventy-pound lap-puppy. I’m a gardener, and I love nurturing small plants until they’re big and healthy and productive…and ripping defenseless weeds out by the roots when I’m angry. I enjoy thunderstorms, collecting eggs from the chickens, and visiting the local brewery for the darkest, maltiest beer on tap. My favorite way to spend an evening is curled up on a couch next to the master of my heart, watching the fire, reading, and…well…if you’re reading my books, you obviously know what else happens in front of fires.

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