#Review Accidental P*rnstar by Cindy Tanner

Accidental P*rnstar by [Cindy  Tanner]

My college career was going great…Until it wasn’t.
I lost my job, scholarship, and apartment in a trifecta of crap luck.

The last thing I want to do is run back home to my parents with my tail tucked. As luck would have it, my old roommate, Mason Davis, has a compelling—if slightly unorthodox solution—to my financial dilemma.

His suggestion?
A live stream feed of me enjoying a little steamy fun with HIM. The smoking hot guy I’ve fantasized about countless times before. Surely, a tenacious bookworm like me can figure out how to let go of her inhibitions for one night.

After all, going viral is a good thing… right?


Review by Twinsie Kelly

If it could happen, it did happen. For Jules, this girl has had a bad run of luck and it just won’t stop coming. Seriously, when it rains it pours. But sometimes, things happen for a reason. Even if there are a ton of follies and shenanigans along the way. Jules has a plan, a good solid plan but sometimes, you have to just let go. She has been given an opportunity to really let her inhibitions go, she really does some soul searching. She and Mason, the super hottie that she lives with, again, become really great friends. They try to keep things in the friend zone but everyone else around them can see what is happening.

Jules is extremely relatable as many of us have had those crazy days, sometimes weeks, where nothing seems to go right. The only difference is, I haven’t been propositioned to make steamy videos…have you?? LOL! These characters are very likeable, and the storyline will keep you smiling, laughing and saying OMG and WTF many times. But let’s not forget about the super fun steamy scenes too. The perfect mixture for a great story! I highly recommend!

Cindy Tanner

Cindy Tanner loves pizza, reading, and dreams of one day retiring to a mountain cabin with her family and getting a pet donkey. When she isn’t on TikTok watching videos of fainting goats she is probably at her desk working on the latest project, chauffeuring her son, or getting distracted by one of her dogs.

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