#NewRelease, #Review, #MontgomeryInk, Wrapped in Ink(Montgomery Ink: Boulder #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

The Montgomery Ink saga continues with a new series set in Boulder, where a family secret might just change everything.

One mistake at a friend’s wedding rocks Liam Montgomery’s entire world, and everything he thought was true turns out to be a lie. But when an accident lands him in the ER, Liam meets someone that might just be the distraction he needs.

Arden Brady has spent her life in and out of hospitals. But according to the world, she doesn’t look sick. She’s lost jobs and friends because they don’t see beneath the surface, but she’s learned to rely on her family and herself to keep going. And then she meets Liam.

With two sets of overprotective siblings and a puppy that can’t help but get into everything, Liam and Arden might just fall harder than either one ever expected. 

 I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book

Can we say HELLO Liam Montgomery!!!!  Ah Liam, the name brings to mind Liam Neeson, Liam Hemsworth, and now Liam Montgomery.  I love Liams hee, hee, hee!!
Now with Wrapped in Ink we are onto another branch of the Montgomery tree.  I have to say whoever planned that tree must have been a angel because everyone of them, male and female, are as hot as they are talented.
Liam is a former model turned writer and he’s the Boulder branch’s pretty boy because of it.
Arden Brady has been through hell and sometimes she revisits that most awesome of places when she doesn’t want to, lets face it she never wants to.
Liam and Arden meet in the most unlikely of places…….. a hospital.
What happens next is a story of a man trying to deal with a identity crisis and a woman who doesn’t know how to deal with a man who might not go away like has always happened to her in the past.
Liam thinks that he can use Arden as a distraction but soon discovers he needs her as much as she needs him.
Once again Ryan writes of a couple that could be your next door neighbors. While her characters are talented and beautiful, they are also very down to earth and go through things that we here in the real world deal with.  With Liam it’s a secret from his parents past that he has to deal with and with Arden it’s her health.  Along with the Boulder Montgomerys we meet Arden’s four over protective, over bearing brothers. They are all alpha males, but they make your heart stop every time they are in a scene.
Like with every Montgomery Book you don’t have to have read the series but it helps if  you like to get a whole world view of these characters and their family.
I’m excited to see more of the Montgomery’s and to maybe get another glimpse of the Brady Brothers.
Before I head out i forgot to mention one tiny little thing……………….
THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy cover models Batman, this cover has become one of my favorite covers that Carrie Ann Ryan has.
He captured Liam perfectly!!
Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she’s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.

#ReleaseDay #review – Keeping Ava (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) by Elena M. Reyes

Keeping Ava (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha)

I should have said no.

When they asked me to take over this assignment and protect her with my life.

When at the sight of her, my heart beat like a war drum inside my chest.

When those light green eyes met mine and the world stopped.

I should’ve—but didn’t.

And now it’s too late because I’ve broken the rules and tasted the forbidden fruit.

I’ll never let her go.


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Guuurl do I love your books.  They are so naughty and steamy they melt my kindle.  I have missed reading your stuff because life so when I got this I was thrilled!!

This story is a sexy as hell cop and of course a virgin.  Now don’t go all hating on that story because its awesomely good!!  Yes its cliché but it still rocked out with giant cop c*ck!  OOOF I made this filthy already.

The story has suspense and twists like we expect from Elena.  It also has her big bad alpha hero, Elijah, looking to do everything to save Ava.

Seriously a great book to read!!!

Elena M. Reyes is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.

As a small child, she was always intrigued by all forms of art: whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure, but it wasn’t until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world.

She’s a short and sassy Latina with an adorable pup, a kiddo that keeps her on her toes, and a husband who claims she’ll cause him to go bald prematurely. Lol

#WOTR20 #NewRelease #SeriesSpinOff #Paranormal #Review – Tessa, The Mates Book #2 by Teresa Gabelman

Tessa (The Mate Series) Book #2

Tessa Pride, mate to VC Warrior Jared Kincaid, is doing everything in her power to become a respected Warrior in her own right. Unfortunately, her mate isn’t quite as excited about her passion. Tessa walks into the role with a newfound sense of determination knowing her decisions could end her relationship with the man she loves.

With everything to lose, Tessa steps into the battle of earning the right to walk next to her mate in life, love, and work. Though she is also ready to walk alone if necessary, she will make sure Jared Kincaid regrets that for the rest of his life.

The Mate series delves into the kickass world of the Warriors’ mates and how united, they can make a difference—just like their badass Protectors. Follow along to see how these exceptional women’s newfound freedom affect those around them and which Warrior may or may not support their feisty independent mate’s new and exciting path.


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Lord knows I have been in an uproar over my Jared being a douche canoe to his mate Tessa.  I mean I have loved this man since book 1 but I was about to jump ship to #TeamCharger.  However, after reading this book, I have forgiven him and totally understand the why for his attitude and major dickness…dickness is this a word…anyway…toward Tessa.

Tessa and Jared have always seemed pretty stable but as the series has gone on, we have seen little cracks in their HEA.  I mean first when she was turned and then as she wanted to become a VC Warrior.  Like Tessa, I was like WTF JACKA$$.  But I tell ya, the woman has more patience that I do because she is a people pleaser even if it hurts her in the end.  Well this book Tessa is DONE people pleasing and going to start doing HER for HER and if Jared can’t hang welp that is on him.

Jared, the king of funny joke and sexual innuendo is not doing so well right now.  He has MAJOR skeletons flying outta the closet and he can’t slam the door fast enough. The poor guy is trying to put out fires without giving away his past but with not dealing with everything PROPERLY he is not putting out the flames but inflaming them.

There were lots of teary moment in this book.  Seeing Tessa and Jared dancing around the issues and not really facing the problems out of fear of losing the other one actually made it 100x worse for both of them. Seeing and hearing about the impending bad dudes made the fear even more real for Jared which made him even more of a mess!!

When everything comes to a head, I had tears but seeing and feeling Jared’s pain made it even worse.  Friends this book was everything we have needed to see between Jared and Tessa.  They were no longer able to hide and no longer able to dance around all the issues.

I love the main series but the Mates series you seem to get more one on one with the OG couples and that makes me so happy!!!

Teresa Gabelman is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the ‘Protectors Series’. When not writing about sexy alpha vampires and the women who drive them crazy she can be found on a lake with a fishing pole/Kindle, at a MMA event or spending a fun evening with family.

Being a full-time writer has allowed Teresa to connect more with readers which is what she loves most about writing. If you find the time she would love to hear from you!

#AudioReview – Risky Pleasures (The Risky Series book two) by: Vivian Ward

38739417. sy475

While Allison Hart is busy trying to restore her life to what it was before she met Colton Kaswell, he still dominates her thoughts and actions. She no longer wants any part of his world, but with the promise of a new arrangement, Ally finds herself drawn back into Colton’s dark web.

As she begins to realize that his risky pleasures are as sadistic as he promised, she tries to escape him but he won’t let her go. She’s signed herself over to the devil who must work through his own demons, and now Ally is confronted with the ghosts of his past.

The pair must find strengths within each other to protect one another, otherwise, it will lose everything.

Risky Pleasures is book two in a sexy new series by Vivian Ward where secrets, sex, and money threatens to rip everything apart.



Received a copy of the audio version from the author for an honest review.

This starts right were Risky Gamble left us. Colton is trying to contact Allison after she ran out of the club. He is leaving thoughtful gifts., messages even sets up  a date for them but nothing from her. Allison is over it and tries moving on but when she is drunk one night Colton breaks in and takes what is his.

The chemistry between these tow is still explosive. Colton has to prove to Allison they are made for each other. Once again this is a cliffy and I cannot wait to read Risky Love.

The narrator did a good job on this book as well as Risky Gamble. I am not a fan of one narrator for both male and female POV but he did a great job with the different voices and keeping in in the story.

Vivian Ward is a romance author from St. Louis, Missouri. She pens dark and dirty stories about alpha heroes and strong heroines with emotional HEAs. Vivian is happily married to her real-life Prince Charming who is also her best friend. One of her guilty pleasures is reading and writing smut while indulging in chocolate caramel candies.

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#Sugar4SPICE #AuthorSpotlight – J. Lawson

J. Lawson

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

J Lawson

Where is your favorite place to write and what food must be present?

Perkins Restaurant. Coffee or tea for sure and likely some kind of salad with an indecent amount of ranch dressing.

What are you favorite things about attending signings?

I love meeting people who have a passion for the same things as myself. Talking books is what brings me joy, so being able to ignite a passion for my own work is the definition of living the dream for me.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

Karen Marie Moning. I would love to sit down and talk to her for just an hour even. She writes such relatable fiction which is not an easy task. I admire her writing style. I feel there’s so much I could learn and glean from her.

What author would you love to write with?

I’m so wary of collaborative writing, but I would absolutely be willing to give it a go with Kim Harrison.

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

Shortly after my first book was published, my cousin sent me a candid picture of her pre-teen daughter reading it in her room. The look on her face was complete concentration/focus and it actually made me tear up. That was all I ever wanted when I started writing this trilogy; I wanted people to read and enjoy my work. That’s the dream. It’s still surreal to think about it.

What are your social links?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorJ.Lawson
Twitter: @AuthorLawson
Website: http://www.authorjlawson.com/

What are your buy links? (You can list individual or links to your Amazon/ibooks/Koko/etc Author Home Page.)

#Review – His Redheaded Slut (The Cocktail Girls) – by Vivian Ward

His Redheaded Slut (The Cocktail Girls)

“Tonight my little redheaded sl*t will earn her spanking.”

Aaron is as cool as they come but when he meets a fiery redhead, she gives him a run for his money.

Scarlett doesn’t care how rich this cocky billionaire is because she’s used to men like him; they’re a dime a dozen in the city that never sleeps.

But the more he taunts her with each passing night that he’s on vacation, her curiosity begins to get the best of her when he challenges her to a night alone in his hotel room.

What could one night hurt?

Little does she know, this man is about to put her over his knee and show her who’s in charge.

And there’s one more thing this cocktail waitress doesn’t realize: she’s about to become his redheaded sl*t.

*The Cocktail Girls is a shared world between 14 of your favorite romance authors! Each novella is a stand-alone story set in the city of sin. Grab your kindle, a cocktail, and get ready to meet our new swoon-worthy alphas!


Aaron first meets Scarlett when he is on a business trip. After a few months he knows he has to have her so he goes back to do just that.

Scarlett knows Aaron’s type and wants nothing to do with him. However, with a little push from her friends will Aaron get his way with Scarlett.

I absolutely loved Scarlett she is the sassy redhead and Aaron the hot alpha man stole a piece of my heart. This was such a fun quick read. Aaron and Scarlett had a great connection and very steamy at times.

Vivian Ward is a romance author from St. Louis, Missouri. She pens dark and dirty stories about alpha heroes and strong heroines with emotional HEAs. Vivian is happily married to her real-life Prince Charming who is also her best friend. One of her guilty pleasures is reading and writing smut while indulging in chocolate caramel candies.

#WOTR20 #PartOfASeries #Review #FreeKU #ContinuingSaga – Wake Up, Nicki Sosebee Book 12 by Jade C. Jamison

Wake Up (Nicki Sosebee Book 12)

When Nicki loses someone close to her, she realizes that her investigative reporting is endangering not only herself but those she loves. Now she is forced to choose between walking away, just as many of her closest allies have urged her to do—or to keep digging deeper to find the truth.

She’s not playing anymore—and neither is the killer. When Nicki notices she’s regularly being followed, she knows her next move could be her last.

With the stakes so high, what will she do? And how can she protect herself when she doesn’t know who she can trust anymore?


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Ok first, you MUST BE CURRENT with this series if you are going to read this book.  This book is not a standalone.  It is part of the continued investigation Nicki is conducting in Winchester, CO.

This book destroyed me.  I really can’t even give a review without spoiling the main plot continuation for the series because ….yeah….just ugh!!  I mean I was bawling in chapter 1 of the book….chapter 1 people!!  AND TBH the tears didn’t stop for most of the book.

Al I can say is I loved getting to know Travis a bit better.  I loved Sean’s words of love for Nicki.  I loved seeing the girls helping Nicki.  I loved seeing Nicki getting feisty and angry.  I just hope and pray what I want to happen happens in the next and I believe final book of the series!!

Jade C. Jamison

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” While you’re more likely to see Jade headbanging instead of Dirty Dancing, she—like Baby—won’t be put in a corner…or a box. So even though you can’t really stick her books in one genre, you could say she mostly writes steamy Contemporary Romance—and, while you’re at it, you’ll notice in her stories that Jade freaking loves Colorado, hard music, coffee, bad words, and CHOCOLATE!!! And so do her characters.

Oh, and there’s always a glimmer of hope…because if life doesn’t have that, what’s the damn point?

#review #Shifter #SeriesStarter #Novellas #FreeKU – Cole’s Salvation (Black Hills Shifters #1) by Elisa Leigh

Cole's Salvation (Black Hills Shifters, #1)

Cole is the oldest of his siblings and is their clan’s alpha, since the death of his father. He gave up long ago thinking he would ever find his mate.

For months he’s been restless, on the verge of coming unglued. When his sister sets him up on a blind date, he almost loses it. She should know he’d only ever date his mate. When his sister refuses to cancel the date, he goes to let her down gently only to find that his mate is waiting for him.

Follow the Major family, a group of black bear shifters living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dealing with the death of their father and hiding their shifting abilities from the small town they’re from is nothing compared to the moment they meet their mates and claim them as theirs.

These are safe, interconnected novellas, guaranteed happily ever afters, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you glued to your Kindle.


I purchased this book.

Who doesn’t love a shifter series??  I mean they are my jam!  So when I saw a series written by 2 new to me authors, I jumped.  Another thing I loved was the fact the series is about a family of bear shifters.  I love books with the theme of family strongly woven into the theme of the book.

This book starts out with Cole’s alpha father being found murdered.  Now fast forward and he is a grumpy alpha shifter dealing with his 3 siblings.  He loves them but they are kinda on his last nerve.

When his only sister butts in and sets him up on a blind date at a sleezy bar, he goes just to save the girl from being taken advantage of.  When he enters…BOOM…his life changes in an instant.

Aubree loves her new friend but she is not to sure about this whole blind date thing.  When she sees a growly man entering the bar she is scared and intrigued at the same time over who he is.  The sparks fly immediately between the two and they soon are navigating this mating pull.

Cole was killing me with his over the top alpha bossy but Aubree sure put him in his place and let him know Girlfriend is not playing that way.

The story reintroduced the murder plot because the bad people are around again, so Cole and his siblings are trying to keep Aubree safe while investigating what’s happening.

I totally enjoyed the story buuuuuuut …here is when the shoe drops……I would recommend getting another editing of the story.  I am NOT a huge grammar Nazi but this book has several spots where I had to stop and reread to decipher what it should have said.  There were spots where the story didn’t flow very well and was a bit choppy.  However, even with those issues I am still looking forward to book 2!!

Hey Girl Hey!
I’m Elisa Leigh and I write romance books that are short and steamy with a ton of heart. They will leave you satisfied, but wanting more.

My alpha men are dirty talkers who treasure their women. There will never be any cheating in my books and they always end in a Happily Ever After! I don’t believe in sad endings.

I love connecting with readers. You can friend me on facebook @eleighauthor and join my reader’s group Elisa’s Book Beauties facebook.com/groups/elisasbookbeauties

Visit www.elisaleigh.com for my current releases and book updates.


#WOTR20 #CoverReveal #Giveaway – Love and Landscape, Rock Falls Series Book #3 by Lacey Black

Title: Love and Landscape
Series: Rockland Falls #3
Author: Lacey Black
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Melissa Gill
Photo: Sara Eirew
Release Date: October 8, 2019
Jensen Grayson has truly loved one woman. Even after a short-lived marriage, the ghost of the girl he once knew has plagued his adulthood. Now, a single father, Jensen’s world revolves around his son, Max, and his landscape business. Until one day, he’s contracted for a job at the house he’s always avoided.
Rockland Falls was the only place that felt like home. Pulled from the life she knew at eighteen, Kathryn Elliott was forced to leave it all behind, including the boy she loved. Now, she’s returning home to pick up the pieces of her chaotic life and find her happiness once more.
Will Jensen and Kathryn be able to look past the years’ worth of hurt to forge a future? When exposed secrets wreak havoc on their new life, can they move past the lies if they revolve around their own families?

Pre-order Links


Also Available



Author Bio

Lacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading and writing. She carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an opportunity to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey is passionate about contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you mix in a little suspense. She resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband, two children, and a chocolate lab. Lacey loves shooting guns and should only consume one mixed drink because she’s a lightweight.
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#TwinsieDee #Review #Standalone Homewrecker for Hire by Krystle Able

Villanelle has spent the last ten years on Broadway struggling to catch her big break. When she runs into her college roommate, Audrey–One of New York’s most talked about socialites, Villanelle is offered a unique way to put her acting skills to the test and make more money than she could dream of on stage.

The friends devise a scheme for Villanelle to seduce Audrey’s no-good husband in order to nullify their prenup. When the plan goes off without a hitch, Villanelle finds herself caught up in a jet-setting lifestyle helping rich women all over the country divorce their cheating husbands.

When her newest assignment takes Villanelle back to her hometown, she discovers the man she’s been hired to seduce is her high school sweetheart, Sawyer. Will Villanelle be able to complete her mission without exposing herself, and the women who’ve hired her, as a homewrecker for hire?

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/45028019-homewrecker-for-hire

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Homewrecker-Hire-Krystle-Able-ebook/dp/B07VQMX7SJ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Krystle+able&qid=1565655997&s=gateway&sr=8-1

Villanelle had a pretty good life going for her she was on broadway with her best friend and her hookup. One thing Villanelle didnt do was relationships she didnt want a boyfriend, husband or kids just a good lay was that too much to ask? The night before the opening night of show she went out with her friends and ran into her former Juilliard roommate Audrey that she has bad blood with because she slept with her boyfriend. Well Audrey had a deal to cut with Villanelle which was sleep her her husband and get proof that he cheated so she can get out of their prenup and get 300,000 well in this case money walks. After 2 years of conducting a business of seducing other woman’s husbands, Audrey got V a job that was a major score that was offering V 5 million dollars. Little did V know it would take her back to her hometown and back into her past that she tried to forget. Is for better or worse and sickness and health really til death do you part when you have the money to hire someone to cheat with your spouse for you and get the proof you need to screw them over?This book was so good there are a few twist and turns that keep you on your toes and feeling for the characters.

Review by Twinsie Dee

Krystle Able grew up and still lives in Central Illinois with her husband, three children and dog. Krystle knew she wanted to be a writer when she won a book making contest in summer daycare when she was 9 years old. After 10+ years in retail management, Krystle took the plunge into writing full time in 2015 and also works as a freelance web content writer.

Krystle enjoys being a multi-genre author with releases planned in the romance, thriller, contemporary fiction, and paranormal genres.

Always a reader first, Krystle’s favorite hobbies include supporting and cultivating relationships in the indie publishing and small press publishing world, and talking about literature. She is currently finishing her BA in English Literature at University of Illinois Springfield.

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