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For three years, two months, and five days, Ryan Cole has been a man on a mission—preparing for his future with April. Now a Harvard graduate employed by a top law firm, he’s ready to claim his girl—whether she’s ready or not.
April David asked Ryan for time, and she got it, along with an all-consuming need to break free of her past and love not just herself, but the only man worth fighting for.
When April arrives at Ryan’s graduation reception prepared to discuss their future, she’s derailed by his jealous best friend and her psychotic therapist.
After fighting through interruptions and misinformation, they discover all that’s left is their love. But after so much time apart, do their paths still align or are they willing to change for love and their future??
For Ryan is Book #2. For your reading enjoyment, please read For April first. Thank you.



I received the book from the author for an honest review.

Oh brother!!  When I finished book 1, the only reason I didn’t start it right away was I needed sleep!!  I woke up bright and early this morning to start the last leg of my long vacation ride home when I opened my book.  Man was I ready.  I read the blurb THIS time and knew April and Ryan were in for some trouble from meddling people.  Plus they both had fears or “what if……” since they haven’t been together for 3 years.

So, after 3 years of only chatting on the phone or through skype, April strolls into Ryan’s Harvard graduation party to stake her claim!!  The only issue was that she was scared to death that he might not like the new her or all the success she has in overcoming her demons.

Ryan is speechless when he sees his woman stroll in like no big deal!!  He was angry she kept the secret of her trip but at the same time he is wanting to grab her and claim her like he should have 3 years ago.

The two try several times to talk and admit their feelings buuuuuuuut it seems they both have admirers who will do everything they can to stop the connection from being fortified.  April’s long-time therapist and Ryan’s study buddy seem to think the pair will do better part.

I loved the story and seeing how strong and confident that April has become.  Ryan is blown away as well.  April knows who she is and what she wants and Ryan is her future.  No one will stop her from taking what she has waited and struggled for…no one.

Ryan is so excited by this new April.  He still sees the unsure girl he met but he falls more in love with the new and improved April.

In the spring of 2013, Jillian Jacobs changed her career path and became a romance writer. After reading for years, she figured writing a romance would be quick and easy. Nope! With the guidance of the Indiana Romance Writers of America chapter, she has learned there are many “rules” to writing a proper romance. Being re-schooled has been an interesting journey, and she hopes the best trails are yet to be traveled.
You’ll find a bit of her husband in her paranormal series, The Elementals, as he’s a chemist and has to answer all her, “Could this really happen?” questions.
Water’s Threshold, the first in her Elementals series, was a finalist in Chicago-North’s 2014 Fire and Ice contest in the Women’s Fiction category.
Three things about her: She’s a Tea Guzzler, Polish Pottery Hoarder, and lover of all things Moose. Her current positions with Indiana Romance Writers of America are Program Chair and 2015 Conference Co-Chair. The genres she writes under are: Paranormal and Contemporary Romance with suspenseful elements.
Jillian is also part of an Indiana author group, which posts videos answering questions readers post for writers. Visit The Juicebox Dialogues on YouTube for some sassy video fun with romance writers.



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