#WOTR18 #Review #ReleaseDay – His Mimosa (The Cocktail Girls) by Jamie Schlosser

His Mimosa (The Cocktail Girls)

Carter doesn’t believe in love at first sight or happily ever after. When he goes to Vegas for his brother’s bachelor party, the last thing he expects is Brynne, the beautiful cocktail waitress who nurses his hangover with a drink just as bubbly and sweet as she is.

Brynne’s optimism and unfailing faith in love is a breath of fresh air, and it makes him think maybe he’s had it wrong all along.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And Carter’s heart? It might be taking up permanent residence there.

***This Vegas-themed standalone novella is releasing June 1st, 2018!***


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Oh this book!!!  I loved each character so much and the fact it was an insta-love so didn’t bother me at all.  Carter and Brynne so were perfect for each other.  She opened his eyes to what Love really is despite what he grew up seeing.  He taught her that jumping in feet first can burn you, but sometimes good things can actually happen for you.

Carter is such a grumpy old man…LOL  He is so jaded and being a total party pooper for his brother Vegas Bachelor party.  I mean who wants to hear the best man say you are an idiot for getting married????  Not most grooms or brides for that fact.

Brynne has lived and grown up in Vegas.  She is over the glitz of the city and just living for the fun and excitement.  When she sees a hottie, she jumps in feet first hoping for some fun not knowing her heart was going to be rocked on the best if ways.

The story was so sweet at times which made Carter open his eyes to WHAT he is missing out. The books is also super sexy when Carter and Brynne get to “getting to know each other” a little better!!!

She grew up on a farm in Illinois surrounded by cornfields. Although she no longer lives in the country, her dream is to return to rural living someday. As a stay-at-home mom, she spends most of her days running back and forth between her two wonderful kids and her laptop. She loves her family, iced coffee, and happily-everafters


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