#WOTR21 #DoubleReview- Make it Count Anthology with Mary Martel’s short story, The Games We Play

Make It Count

The last quarter.
The final inning.
Whatever it takes, you have to give it all you’ve got.
When that clock is ticking down, remember how hard you’ve trained, how many hours you put in. Strap on your pads, wrap your hands, tie up those cleats. Whether on the field or in a rink, you’ve got this. This is your day, your time to shine. It doesn’t matter what game you play.
In the end, all you have to do is Make it Count.

Twenty-three authors bring you nineteen stories full of hope and love.

This anthology in memory of Josie McIntyre, who was an avid softball player who was tragically lost too young. All proceeds for this anthology will go toward a scholarship fund in her memory.



Review by Twinsie Angie

The Games We Play by Mary Martel

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This short story is everything Mary Martel does and does well.  She introduces us to an alpha anti-hero that we will fall in love with and beg for more…hint hint…girl I want more Tobias!

This book is the bad boy with a bad rep who has been secretly in love with the purest, sweetest head cheerleader Shae whose dad happens to be an ambitious senator.

A night where Shae decides to cut loose and go to a party after she sees HIM looking at HER. The two confront each other and finally lay their cards on the table.  Seriously such a great short read that will leave you satisfied and feeling like you read a modern take on “The Breakfast Club”.

Review by Twinsie Melinda

Games We Play by Mary Martel

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

I loved this quick read. I have to say I want more of Tobias. He is so yummy. Shay was amazing herself. 

Shay was the good girl and the cheerleader. You know the girl that was supposed to be with the football player.  Nope not Shay she was drawn to Tobias the typical bad boy. Really she was boarder line stalker, LOL. Seriously Shay knew Tobias didn’t even know who she was. In reality Tobias did notice her and in a big way. 

Loved that Shay did let other peoples view distract her from what she wanted. This was a great good girl/bad boy romance. So many great moments between Shay and Tobias. Only question is can their fling last more than just in private between the two of them. This book was short and good. Did I mention I really want more of that bad boy Tobias because really I do need more of him and this story. 

A few of my favorites:

I wanted naughty and dangerous and…a bad boy.
I wanted Tobias Knotts

I had her full attention like I never had before.
She saw me.

Mary Martel was born in West Michigan and spent the majority of her life there. She currently resides in North Dakota with her husband, and her two beautiful daughters. She’s an avid reader, and when not writing she can be found with her nose stuck in a book.

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