#Review – Pink Bits (Awkward #1) by JB Heller

Did you know the medical term for a butt crack is intergluteal cleft?

My name is Reagan, and spouting random facts like this one at inopportune moments is my affliction. I’m chronically awkward, socially inept, and completely lack a filter. Believe it or not, men do not find these attractive traits.

When my sexy-as-sin neighbour barges into my apartment at the arse crack of dawn, everything changes. For some strange reason, my brand of crazy doesn’t send him running for the hills. Instead, he settles in for a nap on my couch…

Oh, and did I mention he was completely naked?

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All Books in the Awkward Series are available.
Pink Bits
Llama Drama
Fertile Myrtle

*Please note this series is based in Australia, written by an Australian author, in Australian English. As such you may think there are a few spelling errors, however, that’s just how we spell things Down Under. 😉


Review by Twinsie Kelly

OMG, I wish I could give more than 5 stars! This book deserves soooo many more! If you need a pick me up or something to just lift your spirits, then YOU NEED TO READ PINK BITS! I read this in one sitting and literally laughed out loud so many times I would never have been able to keep track. Pink Bits is funny, obnoxious, witty, and sweet. Literally everything one needs in a book. I have recommended this to so many people, it is ridiculous. I honestly don’t know why I continue to write this review or why you are still reading this review. Just go read it! I’ll be over here moving on to the second in the series, Llama Drama. I’m hooked!

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USA Today Bestselling Author JB Heller is an average Aussie housewife and Mumma in her 30’s with a wicked sexy imagination. As well as the owner of a randy Eclectus parrot with boundary issues.

These days she writes mostly contemporary romance and romantic comedies, drawing inspiration from her everyday life.

Monday to Friday you can find JB glued to her laptop weaving words or trolling Pinterest for her next potential muse. Come the weekend, it’s family time. (And of course lots of reading and Netflix binges.)

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