#REVIEW – Firsts (Cape Hill #1) by C.L. Matthews

She’s forbidden.
Too young, too pure, and not mine.
I’ll break all the rules to be with her.
She belongs to me, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

He’s taboo.
Too old, too experienced, and my stepfather.
I’ll cross every line to be with him.
He’s not mine, and never will be.

It’s not about the danger of what’s forbidden,
it’s about the pleasure we get from it.

All consequences be damned.

Twinsie Jo’s Review

I’m a huge fan of the taboo, the forbidden. The whole “I want her/him but I shouldn’t”. It’s delicious and exciting.
We first meet Leia and Sy when she’s nothing more than a mere child. Thirteen to be exact. When they first meet, the tension and attraction is off the charts. It seeped through the pages and hits you right in the pit of your gut. But you know that she’s too young. He’s too old. But it doesn’t stop the attraction there. Leia becomes older. But that age difference will always be there. The attraction grows until neither of them can control their undying need for each other.
The chemistry is hot. Like insanely hot. It starts as a slow flame until the end of the book when it finally bursts into a raging inferno.
This is the first book to a series. There’s secrets, passion, drama, a triangle of sorts and more. If taboo stories are your thing, then this series is definitely for you.

#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #PartofaSeries Buried Hearts ( In the Dark 3) by CE Johnson

“Love will take you down faster than any bullet. You cry tonight. Tomorrow, you bury it.”

Jolene had her life planned out. Nursing school. Husband. House with a picket fence. She had all her boxes checked until her life flips upside down. Turns out, O’Reilly’s Pub is the perfect place for a freshly unemployed,divorced woman who currently lives in her parent’s old house to get stood up on her first attempt at dating again. She’s giving up on love and that ridiculous dating app. However, that doesn’t change the fact that she needs a date to her best friend’s gala.

The last thing Paul wants to do is attend a gala with his first love, parading around as her fake boyfriend. With the memory of her heartbroken face still haunting him, even years later, he agrees to go, hoping this will make up for the pain he caused her.

The plan? Go to the gala, make her ex-husband hate himself, then let her go. But that plan blows up the minute he believes Jolene has a stalker.Paul will have to put his guilt behind him if he’s going to keep her safe. He won’t lose another person he cares about. Especially not the woman he never wanted to leave in the first place.

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44157268-buried-hearts

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1796833045/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I bought this book and this is my honest opinion

This whole time we have followed Paul the quite best friend always lurking in the back ground, now it’s his time to shine. Paul is a creature of habit he goes about his normal day and on Wednesday nights he likes to unwind at O’Riley with enough rinks that he doesn’t have to have the nightmares that night. One night while the pub. Hi high school sweetheart walks in and he sobers up and hides so she doesn’t see him at all the last time they seen each other he broke her heart and she never wanted to see his face again. Well that changed quickly when she got so drunk he wasn’t about to let her drive back home. And that is where fate got them back into each other’s lives to fix the past and help Paul realize he wasn’t some broken man or was he after lol he is still holding on the thing from his past that torture him every night. Is Jolene the glue that will pull Paul back together and help him let go of his demons from the past or will they end up going their separate ways. This book was amazing the mystery yes there is mystery you aren’t going to see until it hits you in the face.

Review by Twinsie Dee

C.E. Johnson is an author of contemporary and suspense romance novels.

When not writing until all hours of the night (with lots of late night coffee runs), she loves to read books that feature a strong male with a soft spot for his feisty heroine. She prefers stories that rip your heart out completely, then kindly place it back into your chest with a HEA.

She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband, two kids, and some spoiled rotten animals.

#NewRelease – Love and Lust (Small Town Secrets Book 2) by Jade C. Jamison

Love and Lust (Small Town Secrets Book 2)

Would your inability to walk away be worth losing everything?

Samantha has never quite had a man as irresistible as tattooed bad boy Ryan across her desk, and she’s been practicing law for a few years now. What the hell has gotten into her? She can barely concentrate as his quiet yet sexy charm oozes across the space, igniting her imagination.

He needs her legal assistance–but she needs something else from him: just one night between the sheets to get him out of her head.

If he says yes, she’s racing down a dangerous path, because crossing that line could cause her to be disbarred, lose her business, her friends, everything she’s worked so hard for.

So why the hell can’t she stop obsessing over him? Will she throw it all away for one night of pleasure?

Curl up by the fire with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate and settle into Winchester, Colorado–where the nights are cold…but steamy!

Please note that portions of this novel were previously published in 2011 as the book STATING HIS CASE and in 2016 as CROSSING THE LINE.


I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

This book is about Samantha who meets and starts representing a client named Ryan. She feels a chemistry but thinks it is in her head until she sees him again. When she asks him out to celebrate a mini-victory, the two combust.

After a night of fun Samantha begins to realize she made a huge mistake because she broke ethics rules and can be disbarred. The two have words and stop seeing each other. When Samantha is thinking no one will discover her mistake of judgement, everything comes crashing down.
The story is pretty straight and narrow. You can kinda of see what is going to happen until the last chapters of the book when we get a little twist thrown in. I was like WHOOO DIDN’T SEE THAT.

I liked the story and it has an easy flow about it. If you are fan of her rockers but want to try something different, give it a try.


1. Dream 2. Play some music 3. Write 4. Blow readers away 5. Repeat

Jade C. Jamison is a steamy romance author, heavy metal fangirl, wife and mom, coffee connoisseur, cat lover, and vegan foodie–not necessarily in that order. She loves life and believes we learn our wisest lessons when reading, especially fiction. Her heroines are fierce, her heroes all but broken, both seeking redemption together. Whether those books are set in a small Colorado town or big city, she strives to take her readers’ breath away…one story at a time.

#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #PartofaSeries Just One (In The Dark 2) by CE Johnson

I’ve always been the strong one.

I stand my ground. I take no crap.

That’s probably why Finnegan O’Reilly hired me.

Apparently, self-control around Finn is my weakness.

But with the responsibility of taking care of my sick brother, there’s no time for romance in my life.

The day Daphne Jones swayed into my pub, it was like a tornado blew through the door.

The only thing she destroyed was my own rule. Don’t get involved with employees.

After our unforgettable one night stand, we both agreed to keep our hands to ourselves.

But with Daphne in danger, there’s no way I’m keeping my distance now.

I’m going to protect her. Even if it means, risking everything.

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50165653-just-one

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1979095043/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I bought this book and this is my honest opinion

Daphne has always done anything for other people she’s alway dropping everything at a drop of a hat to drive back  home to be there for her brother, and is not appreciated at all by her parents. Her mother does whatever she can to ignore her and not treat her like an actual daughter, so when tragedy strikes and she gets that phone call she’s always had a  feeling would come she’s does everything she can to keep busy and hold it all together. Finn O’Riley owns a local pub who has had a eye on Daphne since she walked into his pub asking for a job. They flirt and have hooked up a clueless of times so when she needs him to lean on  he’s there without a doubt to protect her. With everything going on will these two finally come together more then a casual hookup. OMG FInn O’Riley I freaking fell in love with this character *swoon sigh dreamy eyes* and my heart just breaks for Daphne and I was rooting for her everytime something crazy happened to her. Yo will definitely love this book and it keeps you on your toes til the very end.

Review by Twinsie Dee

C.E. Johnson is an author of contemporary and suspense romance novels.

When not writing until all hours of the night (with lots of late night coffee runs), she loves to read books that feature a strong male with a soft spot for his feisty heroine. She prefers stories that rip your heart out completely, then kindly place it back into your chest with a HEA.

She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband, two kids, and some spoiled rotten animals.

#WOTR20 #NewRelease #ReleaseDay #Review #Paranormal #Shifters #TeamNovus – Touch Me (Book 3 in The Novus Pack Series) by M. Jayne

Touch Me (The Novus Pack Series Book 3) by [M Jayne]

Revenge is Sweet, but Love is Everything

As the Mating Ceremony draws near, the Leader of the Novus Pack, Raider Black, will claim his love, Theodora Morrissey, before all of Novus. As the painstaking preparations are made, Theodora fears herself unable to be the strong Queen that the Novus Pack requires.

Adding to her self-doubt, the Lycan who attacked Theo and haunts her thoughts, is turned over to Novus. By Black’s decree, Theo will decide for herself if she’s ready to confront her rapist. What is meant as a kind gesture, adds fuel to the blaze of Theo’s uncertainty.

Can a pound of flesh heal a tortured soul?

A Lycan would kill without thought. Can she? Will she?

No matter her choice, will ghosts of the past forever prevent Theo from being the Queen that Black and Novus deserve?

Some of the songs included in this novel are:

“Hate On Me” by Jill Scott                             “The Chain” by Brandi Carlile
‘No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige                “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam
“Lovesong” by Adele                                     
“Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Holy shit balls!! This book….Jesus!!  Each book gets better and better.  Each book blows me outta the water with the twists and turns.  Each book makes me fall more and more in love with the characters.

When I read book 2, I was sobbing and so emotional because The Seer was violated.  We watched her struggle to get back to where her and Raider were.  So starting this book, I was instantly taken back when we knew Charles was being brought to the pack for Pack Justice.  I was just as worried as Theo about how we felt.  I mean do we want to see him?  Do we want to hide?  Do we want to talk to him?  Do we want to ignore him and not give him out time of day since he took so much of our time during and after the assault??  Seeing Theo realize her inner strength and value to the pack was amazing.  But seeing her mate, Raider Black at her side no matter what….dreamy sigh!!

Dude Theo is a bad ass chick when the Lady (The Pack Goddess) isn’t “with” her but when the Lady shows up…ya’ll I was not ready for the scene.  I was totally for everything that went down in that scene!!   I was so happy and damn proud our girl got HERSELF back.  Our girl was able to let everyone know how formattable she was.  Don’t get me started on how Theo handles Sophia…GROWL!!!

Raider is the most amazing character EVAH!!  I mean his love is fierce and he will do anything for his mate.  His secret surprise for Theo made my heart so weepy.  That fact he loves everything about her no matter that she is a human….swoon!!

The official mating ceremony was a bit of a shock for me as much as it was for Theo.  She was a bit nervous about being on display with the pack and the visiting dignitaries.  However, I was not expecting all that happened to happen.  I am stunned and looking forward to what happened and what that means for Theo, Raid, and The Lady.   But I really wanna know WTF is up Onyx’s ass because that fool is gonna meet an untimely death is my prediction.

Seeing Theo bond with Lore, Issa, Asher, Basil, and the MacGregor Family made me so happy.  But I gotta say I am on pins and needles for Lore and Bayla next book.  I can’t wait for that love story at all.

M. Jayne doesn’t know what she wants to be when and if she ever grows up. She’s worked retail, recorded hearings in a Federal Courtroom, worked behind the scenes with security at a casino and currently she is living her dream writing Romance. She plots and plans from her farm in central Indiana that she shares with her husband and two mastiffs, Ginger and Duncan Keith.

When she isn’t creating she can be found watching sports, searching for the perfect mascara and reading. She also loves questionable TV- Any Real Housewives, The Steve Wilkos Show and Live PD. Plus she is addicted to the TMZ app on her phone. M. Jayne loves to meet readers. She attends many conferences and signings. Please take a moment and introduce yourself and tell her what you are reading.

#WOTR20 #CoverReveal – Love and Neckties by Lacey Black

Love and Neckties (Rockland Falls Book 4) by [Lacey Black]

For Samuel Grayson, everything is black or white. As a funeral director, there’s no room for in-between. He’s accustomed to dealing with life and death, though he’s definitely more comfortable with the latter. Especially when it comes to a chaotic, petite, feisty ball of energy. Freedom Rayne. Samuel’s pretty sure her goal is to make his life hell, or so it appears. When Samuel boards a flight to Las Vegas for his sister’s wedding, the last thing he expects is to share it with the one woman who drives him crazy.

Freedom is eccentric and completely content with it. Floating around from job to job, she finds peace and tranquility in everything she does, including tormenting poor, uptight Samuel Grayson. When she finds herself on the same flight as him for her best friend’s wedding, she sees this as the perfect opportunity to get under his skin, something she tries to do every chance she gets. The problem is the more time she spends with him, the more she likes him.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Not for Samuel and Freedom. Will they be able to forget about their trip when they return to Rockland Falls? What if one mistake turns out to be the best thing ever?


Avid reader, writer, mother, and wife! I love to read contemporary romance. Add in a little “spice” or hot guys in uniform pants, and I’m a happy woman. There’s just something about diving into a book and engrossing in the magic of your hero and heroine getting their happily ever after.

#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #SeriesStarter Reviving Kendall (White Trash Trilogy 1) by Brandy Slaven

“I’m not so sure that I’m strong enough to take yet another blow to the heart.”

Growing up, I’ve always lived on the wrong side of the tracks. I’m used to the stares, name calling, and disrespect. A tragic accident that leaves me short three of the only people I’ve ever loved, has me devastated enough to try to end my own life. Just when I think there’s no hope, I find a reason to live again, or four of them as a matter of fact. Lucas, Maverick, Teagan, and Goose. But what happens when those bonds are tested? I’m not so sure that I’m strong enough to take yet another blow to the heart. My name is Kendall Davis and what if my story doesn’t have a happy ending?

*This is the first book in a Contemporary Reverse Harem Trilogy.

*Recommended 17+ due to mature language and situations.

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37747771-reviving-kendall?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=YT3SNrUVnO&rank=1

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Reviving-Kendall-White-Trash-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B078MWFVYC/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=2BPOQSCE0YB4&keywords=brandy+slaven&qid=1580956436&sprefix=Brandy+sl%2Caps%2C373&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzSEpRSVg3REU4REw4JmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMDAyNDMyMUNXREZDSzJZQjlDSyZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMDUxMzY1NURBWEo3NEVWNDJTJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==

I won this book from the author and this is my honest opinion

Kendall is just your normal girl who happens to be from the wrong side of the tracks she moved in with her grandparents at a young age when her parents both ended up in jail then cancer took her grandma and now its gotten her grandpa too but hasn’t taking him. she works for everything they have and tries her best to be able to stay above paying the bills and keeping their trailer from getting taking away. After losing the loves of her life in a car crash she hast been the same until one night at work she was sent to a table of 4 sexy as hell guys and for the first time in 2 years she was flirting with them. well that was all it took for them to click the 5 started hanging out more and things started happening kisses were exchanged and well things could get super messing so Kendall put the brakes on she wasnt going to be the reason these friends would break apart if they were to fight over her. well Maverick, Goose, Lucas, and Teagan has other plans they didn’t share with others but they were all falling for Kendall and she was falling for them all. wow this book is amazing and their relationship is so cute and ugh gives you all he feels. even with all the ups and downs through this book definitely couldnt put it down.

Review by Twinsie Dee

Brandy Slaven lives in Tennessee with her husband and two wild children. If you can’t find her typing away at her laptop, you will find her with her nose in a book at the beach or hiking at one of the state parks. Bringing her characters to life is one of her greatest accomplishments.

#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #PartofaSeries When to Scry Wolf (Unfortunate Spells Book 2) by Jennifer Leslie

Hailey Hardwick isn’t too worried after a stray dog bites her in a dark alley. However, when she starts sprouting fur and whiskers, she wonders what kind of animal actually bit her.

To figure out what is going on and how to reverse it, Hailey and her best friend, Jenna, attempt scrying to locate the animal. Instead of a shaggy dog, a hot construction worker named Nolan turns up. While he’s a pleasant distraction, until she can keep the fur, fangs, and raw meat cravings at bay, she can’t chance having him around.

The longer the animal within her tests its boundaries, the more her body struggles to shift—and her inner beast wants a taste of Nolan, too.

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46064496-when-to-scry-wolf?from_choice=false&from_home_module=false

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TXR4TSH?notRedirectToSDP=1&ref_=dbs_mng_calw_1&storeType=ebooks

I bought this book and this is my honest opinion

Hailey was your typical girl next door, loved her job as a vet loved helping animals and loved her best friends. A few times on her way to work Hailey would see a flash of brown fur fly across the road, and of course she’s was trying to help it being the animal lover she was. Well after work and heading to the bar with  she finally spotted the dog she’s been seeing, so she followed him down the alley in hopes to help, well she went against her gut feeling to back off and he bit her. The next day she started feeling strange, well after a few events that happen and the help of her best friend Jenna, Hailey finds out she was bit by a wolf shifter and is part witch i mean what else could happen to her, oh a hot sexy guy gets thrown in her life too. The real question is will she be able to keep her shit together, go to work, and keep her secret from her new hottie while trying not to turn  into a wolf. Omg this book was so amazing, funny, mystery, keeps you grasping for more and laughing out loud.

Review by Twinsie Dee

Jennifer Laslie is a crazy cat lady who lives in Utah with her wonderful family. Her office affords her a mountain view that she loves! When she’s not thinking about cheesecake or cats, she can be found in the bookstore in the Young Adult section, coffee in hand.

#WOTR20 #NewRelease #Review #FlirtClub #MFM #Novella – Officer X2 by Derek Masters

Officer X2

Double the officers, double the pleasure.

What was supposed to be a fun girls night started out with me being pulled over for speeding. I thought for sure I was getting a ticket, but a familiar face let me off with a warning.

The night turned into a complete disaster when I found my designated driver passed out drunk at the bar.
Luckily, the officer from earlier gave me his card so I called him for a ride.
Little did I know that he and his partner would both be giving me a ride in more ways than one.

Read this hot MFM romance to find out how I get double cuffed and stuffed!

The Flirt Club presents True Love X 2! A series of MFM romances with double the heat, double the heart, and double the happily-ever-afters! Guaranteed!


I receive this book from the Booksprout for an honest review.

Holy hawt stuff.  This was my first book by Derek and now I will make sure It is not the last.

I love love love novellas for the quick story you get when you have a couple hours to spare for some reading.  When I saw this book offered by Booksprout, I jumped.

This book is about Tara who is going to take her bestie out for a night away from her Douchey boyfriend. When Tara is running late, she decided a little speeding won’t hurt anyone right??  WRONG!!  She soon meets Officer’s Austin Harris and Tyler Malone.  Office Malone is not having it, but Officer Harris realizes this was the dream girl from high school.  After some chatting and an exchange of numbers, Tara leave to get her friend.

After a disastrous night with her bestie, Tara finds herself in the company Austin and Tyler.   Some drinks and fun games quickly turn into some naughty fun for all involved.  *Wink wink*

I really liked the story and that there was not an insta-love but there was a definite connection/chemistry between Tara and Austin.  I would definitely read more if there was a story for their continued story

Derek Masters grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and now lives in the immediate Kansas City, Missouri area.

When he’s not writing, you can typically find him working out in the gym, watching the game at one of his favorite sports bars, or hanging out at the park with his dog, Bully.

#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #SeriesStarter How to Spell Disaster (Unfortunate Spells Book 1) by Jennifer Laslie

Being careless with magic is the best way to spell disaster.

Tucker didn’t think his love life could get any worse, until he comes across an antique spell book. When the translation goes awry, instead of finding one girl, he’s bombarded by women left and right. Now it’s jeopardizing both his job and sanity.

Tucker seeks answers at the occult shop, but the witchy owner advises him magic can’t always fix his problems. This time, only true love’s first kiss can lift the spell.

As the magic grows stronger, Tucker isn’t sure how much longer he can survive. But finding the right woman to kiss shouldn’t be too hard. Right?

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41154365-how-to-spell-disaster?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=nLlvrLzsHo&rank=3

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Spell-Disaster-Unfortunate-Spells-Book-ebook/dp/B07Q9LQZSN/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2331DOWO2KCLY&dchild=1&keywords=jennifer+laslie&qid=1586276883&sprefix=Jennifer+Las%2Caps%2C191&sr=8-1

I bought this book and this is my honest opinion

Tucker wasn’t your typical guy, ok well he was for the most part. He went to work, ordered out, lived alone but he also enjoyed a good antique book, so when his best friend Brantley got a super old book in his family’s shop he called Tucker to let him know. So tucker rushed over to check it out and was super excited about this book. Turns out it was some type of spell book, and well Tucker’s love life wasn’t the greatest so once he figured out what was in the book he didn’t figure a little love spell would hurt to, well would it? After casting the spell nothing outta the blue happened the next day just maybe a few new eyes looking at him from women who never looked his way before, well after a few days Tucker got more nothin he had bargained for with this love spell because every woman in the tri- state area wanted a crack at him and when he finds out only true loves first kiss will break the spell he truly finds out that its gonna be harder to break this spell then he thinks. This book was down right hilarious, thinking that most guys would love to have every women chasing after him would be a dream come true and then regret if it the moment it happens. Don’t mess with magic kids is the moral of this story lol.

Review by Twinsie Dee

Jennifer Laslie is a crazy cat lady who lives in Utah with her wonderful family. Her office affords her a mountain view that she loves! When she’s not thinking about cheesecake or cats, she can be found in the bookstore in the Young Adult section, coffee in hand.

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