#WOTR19 #NewRelease – Home for the Holidays by H.D’Agostino

Home for the Holidays

Kaitlyn Hughes was living her dream. After attending culinary school in Paris, she now lives there and works under one of the best chefs in the business. Life is perfect. When her parents ask her to come home for the holidays, she decides to take a much-deserved vacation.

Five years away does something to you. It messes with your memory and makes you believe that you don’t miss the things that you do. You don’t realize it until its too late.

When Kaitlyn unexpectedly runs into Eli Baker, the one she left behind, all bets are off. Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? How much are you willing to give up for true love?

***This can be read as a standalone.***


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I totally fell in love with Eli in Jackson’s book.  When Heather said Eli was getting a novella, I was so excited.  I mean we all love a bad boy, but a broken bad boy makes all the women’s hearts swoon.  Eli always acted like he wasn’t a fan of the whole “love” thing but the way he helped Jackson through the loss of his wife and everything after spoke differently.

It turns out Eli was, in fact, a one-woman kinda guy who loves Kait with everything he has.  He has dreams, hopes and aspirations that will include her by his side….or so he THOUGHT.

Kait loves Eli but the chance to go to Paris to learn to cook turns out to be bigger then her love for the boy she gave her heart too.  When she leaves and never returns, she destroyed our Eli.

I enjoyed the short look into the “what happened” between these two.  The dynamic and the chemistry were a great read for me and I definitely look forward to the longer novel in the future because this novella is just the beginning for out couple.  It’s a bit of a teaser after reading the cooking scene!!!  Read it and you will understand what I mean.

Heather D’Agostino is an avid reader turned Bestselling Author of the Contemporary Romance Series The Broken Series, The Shattered Series, The Second Chances Series, The Cook Brothers Series, and Romantic Suspense series The Witness Series.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics.

She currently lives in Central New York with her husband, two children, two dogs, and three cats. When she’s not writing she can usually be found at the dance studio, soccer field, or one of the many other places that she plays ‘Supermom’.

You can follow her here:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/H.DAgostino.Author

Twitter: @hdagostino001

Website: http://hdagostinobooks.weebly.com



#WOTR19 #CompleteSeries #Trilogy – O’Gallagher Nights: The Complete Series by Mignon Mykel

O'Gallagher Nights: The Complete Series

The three O’Gallagher siblings, all in one set.
Includes bonus material!

O’Gallaghers has been a long-lasting establishment in San Diego, known for its Irish brews and fare. When the next generation of O’Gallaghers take over though, it becomes known for a little bit more…


Conor O’Gallagher runs his family pub. He’s proud, he’s business minded, and he’s every bit a bachelor. O’Gallaghers’ female patrons know he’s up for a good time, one night only. Forever is not on his radar.

But what happens when one night gives him a little more than he bargained for?

Conor’s about to find out…


Like his brother, Rory O’Gallagher likes his women, and all but one have come to him easily and willingly.

Never has he had to work so hard for one as he’s had to Emily Winters. As cold and dismissive as she is, Rory can’t help but want to heat her up.

Will she thaw toward him long enough for him to get his taste? Can he prove to her he’s not what she thinks?

He’s certainly going to try.


The youngest of the three, Brenna O’Gallagher lived through rumors and lies–or so her brothers think. In truth, there’s more to Brenna than many people know.

When she vowed off men, she never thought she’d be tempted by a man her brothers hired for O’Gallaghers.

She knows nothing but secrets, and Greyson Stone is starting to threaten them.

Can she allow him in? And can she share him with the world?

Brenna’s not so sure.


Mignon Mykel is the author of the Prescott Family series, as well as the short-novella erotic romance series, O’Gallagher Nights. When not sitting at Starbucks writing whatever her characters tell her to, you can find her hiking in the mountains of her new home in Arizona.

Mignon’s current release, Playmaker Duet, is available now!


#WOTR19 #CompleteSeries #Paranormal #Trilogy – Motor City Alien Mail Order Brides Collection by Ellis Leigh

Motor City Alien Mail Order Brides Collection (Motor City Alien Mail Order Brides, #1-3; Intergalactic Dating Agency)

This collection includes all three books in the Motor City Alien Mail Order Brides series. Cutlass, Hudson, and Maverick.

This collection of stories is also part of the multi-author series, Intergalactic Dating Agency.

Putting the “sigh” and the “friction” in science fiction romance! Visit Intergalactic Dating Agency … Romancing The Alien … for more info on this exciting, multi-author series.

Find Your Happily Ever After With The Intergalactic Dating Agency

Looking for love in all the wrong solar systems? Tired of traipsing from galaxy to galaxy hoping to find that perfect match, only to be disappointed? Want a little direction on what planets have the most available singles so you can point your ship and fly? Sign up for the Intergalactic Dating Agency newsletter

And now is the perfect time as we launch our best customer offer ever!

We’ve recently discovered a treasure trove of amazing candidates for your every mating need. An entire planet populated by beings brand new to our records awaits your attention. This newly discovered species is soft to the touch, has the capacity for independent thought, and emits very little slime. And no death rays!

Not sold yet? Want to know more of what you’re getting into with these creatures? Afraid you’ll enter rest period with a shiny comet and exit to find yourself in a black hole? Don’t be! Let our experience guide you to the perfect candidate! But you’d better act fast … even a ripe, new planet has limited sustainable occupancy. Don’t miss your chance to find that one true love you’ve been searching for.

Contact us today to request an interview with one of our expert matchmakers. We guarantee you’ll find a suitable mate or your money back!*

* Money-back guarantee not valid if suitor accidentally maims or otherwise damages mate due to alien life form transition. Limited time offer. Matchmakers are not responsible for the accommodations on host planet, nor can they be held liable for any damages the plane’s atmosphere may cause. Travel at your own risk. Amount of slime emitted varies from subject to subject and cannot be quantified.


A storyteller from the time she could talk, USA Today bestselling author Ellis Leigh grew up among family legends of hauntings, psychics, and love spanning decades. Those stories didn’t always have the happiest of endings, so they inspired her to write about real life, real love, and the difficulties therein. From farmers to werewolves, store clerks to witches—if there’s love to be found, she’ll write about it. Ellis lives in the Chicago area with her husband, daughters, and a German Shepherd that refuses to leave her side.


#review #paranormal #shifters – Lone Wolf Wanted by Jessie Lane

Lone Wolf Wanted

Chrissy “Kinks” Leroy has a certain itch she needs scratched. The problem is, there are no unmated shifter males she wants to get freaky with in Black Mountain, Kentucky. How’s a girl supposed to have fun under these conditions?

Ezrah Goldsby is a lone wolf, outcast from his pack and traveling the open road, enjoying everything the world has to offer. Then he stops at a shifter bar and comes face-to-face with the most gorgeous trouble he has ever seen. After they share a night to remember, Ezrah walks out, not knowing that fate and his witchy great-grandmother are determined to throw them back together.
This is a standalone paranormal romance previously published through Amazon Kindle Worlds.



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Oh Jessie!!  What a yummy quick read for an evening!!

Ezrah is a great addition to your alpha males while Kinks is a kick ass heroine to add as well.

Ezrah is not looking for a woman or love.  He just wants a quick night of some “wham Bam and Thank you Ma’am” which Kinks is totally down with when they meet at a shifter bar.  After a long session of hitting the sheets he runs.  Seems Ezrah isn’t scared of much except for the beating heart in his chest.  His wolf is not to happy to be leaving the feisty cat behind, but he does it anyway.

Kinks is all kinds of mad she fell for a wolf.  She can’t believe she let herself think she MIGHT have found a mate that would want to stay.  When he leaves her high and dry she is pretty sad and can’t understand why she isn’t ever good enough.

The story is quick and super funny when the two find their way back to each other.  I loved the epilogue and the special name we get at the end.

essie Lane is a best-selling author of Paranormal and Contemporary Romance, as well as, Upper YA Paranormal Romance/Fantasy. She lives in Kentucky with her two little Rock Chicks in-the-making and her over protective alpha husband that she’s pretty sure is a latent grizzly bear shifter. She has a passionate love for reading and writing naughty romance, cliff hanging suspense, and out-of-this-world characters that demand your attention, or threaten to slap you around until you do pay attention to them.

You can follow Jessie at: FacebookTwitterPinterest, & her Amazon Author Page


#WOTR19 #CompleteSeries #Paranormal #Shifters #MC – The Feral Breed by Ellis Leigh

Feral Breed Motorcycle Club: The Complete Series

All six books in the bestselling Feral Breed series!
Claiming His Fate: A moment of fate interrupted by danger.
Claiming His Need: A centuries-old legend comes true.
Claiming His Witch: A love that breaks every boundary.
Claiming His Beauty: A moment of fate that refuses to be denied.
Claiming His Fire: A fated destiny they’ll have to fight to begin.
Claiming His Desire: A destiny few could survive.



A storyteller from the time she could talk, USA Today bestselling author Ellis Leigh grew up among family legends of hauntings, psychics, and love spanning decades. Those stories didn’t always have the happiest of endings, so they inspired her to write about real life, real love, and the difficulties therein. From farmers to werewolves, store clerks to witches—if there’s love to be found, she’ll write about it. Ellis lives in the Chicago area with her husband, daughters, and a German Shepherd that refuses to leave her side.


#WOTR19 #NewRelease #Review#Anthology #CharityDonation – A FLASHY & FROSTY CHRISTMAS CHARITY ANTHOLOGY

Tricia Andersen & Miranda Lynn are our attending authors.

Fifteen multi-genre authors came together to celebrate the season and to give to charity. Twenty-three flash fiction stories inspired by Christmas songs we all know and love. Join them as they spin their heartwarming tales.
Tricia Anderson
Nina Valdez
Linda Greene
Sophie Wootten
Carol Gyzander
Cindy Webb
Shellie Brown
Teel James Glenn
Mai Jagyar
Maria Vickers
Ellie Mack
Timothy Lee
Miranda Lynn
Misty Harvey
Tracy Broemmer

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I was so excited to jump in and read this book because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miranda Lynn’s Black Mountain series and Tricia Andersen’s Hallow Brothers.  When I saw these two were in the same anthology = Day Made.  I sat down super excited to read about m favorite characters and families.

In Tricia’s story, we see Micah and Eve celebrating their first Christmas together.  We get to see her pregnancy progression plus new readers will learn about the enemies of the family.

In Miranda’s story, we see Mack and Casey hanging out with Mack’s family celebrating the holidays together as well.  I loved the scene with the kids because that was probably what happened at my house whenever the Christmas Classics happened.

I think this anthology will give new readers a quick glimpse into the authors worlds and hopefully entice you to grab the books.  Trust me when I say you need to read these two series!!  They are auto buys for me no matter what!!

Lip Services PR



Two winners take home twenty-six signed paperback books from the sixteen amazing Writers On The River Attending Authors listed below to make your holidays extra special! 

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Winner 1 will receive

  1. Flirting With Love by Clara Stone (KU READ)
  2. Second Chance’s Kiss by E.M. Shue
  3. Myrna’s Submission by Dakota Trace
  4. See Me by M. Jayne
  5. A Change of Plan by Melanie Jayne
  6. King by Kerri Ann
  7. Exes and Ho Ho Ho’s (a holiday Novella) by Lacey Black
  8. Desecrated Beauty by Kyleigh Castronaro
  9. Missing Hearts by Anna Hague (KU READ)
  10. Heartbreak Warfare by Jessica Marin (KU READ)
  11. Perfectly Lonely by Jessica Marin (KU READ)
  12. Size Matters By Alison Bliss
  13. Won’t Let Go by Dawn Brower (KU READ)
  14. Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne
  15. Order of Rage by Lisa Caviness
  16. Highland Oath by C.A. Szarek (KU READ)
  17. Jerome by Miranda Lynn (KU READ)
  18. The Arts of Love by Harley Easton

Winner 2 Will Receive

  1. Second Chance’s Kiss by E.M. Shue
  2. Myrna’s Submission by Dakota Trace
  3. Exes and Ho Ho Ho’s (a holiday Novella) by Lacey Black
  4. Missing Hearts by Anna Hague (KU READ)
  5. Size Matters By Alison Bliss
  6. Order of Rage by Lisa Caviness
  7. Jerome by Miranda Lynn (KU READ)
  8. The Arts of Love by Harley Easton



#WOTR19 #RH #Review #Paranormal #Excerpt – Of Death And Darkness (Lady of Darkness #1) by Brandy Slaven

Of Death And Darkness (Lady of Darkness, #1)

Mel spends the first twenty-four years of her life as a friendless loner with no family. All she is trying to do is find her place to exist. What she is expecting is definitely not what she gets. Will she be able to handle the destiny that the fates have chosen for her?

“It’s so peaceful here at the ocean. You have the constant drowning of the waves crashing against each other and on the shore. The wind is never still. Always a nervous bee in your ear. If I’ve ever thought of any place as home, this would be it. Finding myself lost in my thoughts again, I take a seat in the sand and stare blankly out into nothing.

The silence is the first thing that I notice. The static behind my ears has been my companion for well over two years. So of course, I should notice when it decides to go on vacation. I’m automatically on alert. I don’t stand or make any sudden moves, because I don’t know where the precognition of danger is coming from.

If I hadn’t been searching, I probably never would have seen them.”

*17+ Due to mature subjects/situations and language.


Holy Hells Bells.  Paranormal is my go-to genre.  I am a huge fan of Brandy’s contemporary so when I saw she has a paranormal, I was stoked!! Then to find out it’s a REVERSE HAREM…shut the front door.  But then to see she has a fresh spin on covens, mates and harems…..holy multi-level happiness points for me.

Mel is just existing in life.  She works at a bar with Theo and just gets up, works and goes to bed.  No real excitement other then her cat.  When she meets a few amazingly hot guys and they also think she is pretty great she is so happy to finally FEEL like a member of something….I mean the fangs have got to be the drugs talking right????

When Mel invites Liam to “stay the night” everything changes in her life.  She finds out that Vampires are real and she is the magic glue, so to speak, this coven has been looking for.  She is their “lady”.  She is the life essence for them and they for her.  What I loved is that even though this is a harem she is not mated to every guy.  Does she love them? Yes! Does she want to protect them? Yes, but she only has a true mating with some of the vampires through the story.

Mel and her coven are watching the news when they see some other covens are being slaughtered by some bad, humans.  The story then begins to turn and we see the weak human Mel become the strong protector and vampire leader for her coven.

There are a lot of twists and turns plus some sexy times between Mel and her Mates but the I loved the new and fresh take on the vampire/RH/Coven storyline.  Vampires are hard to find a new fresh take on and I think this was done fabulously!!!

I am seriously bummed I can’t sit and read book 2 all day tomorrow because the book ends with Mel and her guys going to help someone else

Brandy Slaven lives in Tennessee with her husband and two wild children. If you can’t find her typing away at her laptop, you will find her with her nose in a book at the beach or hiking at one of the state parks. Bringing her characters to life is one of her greatest accomplishments.



#WOTR19 #CompleteSeries – Crashed Series by Kerri Ann

Crashed Book 1  Crashed, Book Two Book 2

Crashed Book 3 Crashed Book 4

Crashed, Book Five Book 5

Book 1- Crashed: Casper’s Ghost
Both broken in their own ways, thrust together, these two explode off the page. Unable to fight the intense chemistry they have for each other, Circe and Wyatt are explosive.

Book 2 -Crashed: Siren’s Call
What happens when everyone around you knows what happened, but they won’t tell you? What happens when your heart is shattered and you can’t find a way to piece it together? Your life either crumbles or you find hope.
This is the continuation of Casper’s Ghost.

Book 3- Careen
Sexy? Yes, Officer Risen Mason is, but he’s about to arrest me, and that changes everything in my books. Dark humour, twisted friends and a house arrest…what could go wrong?
Doll’s story has been controlled by everyone but her, now it’s her turn to take the wheel.

Book 4- Whiskey’s Redemption
Cocky, angst filled grumbler. Whiskey is a panty melter on the hills. The women fall at his feet, and he chases no one. Until her. She’s sassy, willing to match him toe to toe in sarcasm and a hellion in the sex department. Whiskey’s met his match.

Book 5 – Arriving in New York for a meeting, Governor Rock finds himself in a predick-ament.

As a prolific public figure and ex-Marine, there’s always been an expectation of who Chris is and should be; strong, dangerous, fearless, and the typical man’s man. But that’s not him. And as he finds himself longingly staring at the speaker, Tyler Marshall, Chris knows he’s in trouble. Tyler is gorgeous, and he’s everything Chris looks for in a man. In this venue though Tyler’s unattainable.

The trouble he finds himself in is something his career can’t afford. Even if Tyler is worth every ounce of it


All Retailers Link HERE

Avid reader, lover of words. To me, picking a book, is like grabbing a movie. If it’s wrote well, the story leaps off the page at you, giving you characters that are tangible. I love to make them come to life, and I hope the stories of mine become well loved.



#WOTR19 #CompleteSeries #Paranormal #Trilogy #Fae – The Veil Series by Jolanthe Aleksander

Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams (The Veil Book #1) Book 1

The Veiled Path to Destiny Book 2

Veiled Hearts Revealed (The Veil Book 3) Book 3

Book 1-

Things are not always simple or what they seem.
Daria McClaren is content. She has her dance school, her cousin Celine and the man of her dreams. Literally.

Iauron is uneasy. As the High King of the Fae, his chosen Queen Verisiel is calling to him, but he cannot find her. The court insists that she has crossed over. He is not so sure that is the case. He has searched every realm looking. Every realm, but the human one.

The race is on. Beyond the veil lie truths waiting to be revealed. Which one will have the courage to look? Will they be in time?

Book 2-

If she had never been at a crossroad before, Daria found herself at one now.

With one foot in the distant past, the other remains firmly entrenched in the present. Daria tries to come to terms with the memories of her previous life as they inundate her mind on an endless loop. Can she deal with the past and find a way to walk the path that is laid out for her future? Is she brave enough to face her destiny, or will she walk away?

Iauron has his Queen back…or does he? His is aware of Daria’s lingering doubts about him as she tries to retain her humanity in the face of remembering and accepting who she once was. Though the main threat to her life is temporarily incapacitated, he knows it cannot, and will not, remain that way forever.

Not fully Verisiel nor Daria, is she strong enough to meet the coming threat head on? Can she come into her powers and stand by his side? Can he let her go if she cannot accept the whole truth of her situation?

Big questions remain with few answers in sight, and time is running out.

Book 3 –

Cóipeáil, the King’s shadow, never knew who he was beyond his bond to his Fae father. Born and bred to be his master’s mirror and guardian, when he was sent to find a human female, he didn’t know what it would mean to fall in love with her.

Hidden away on an island thought lost, Celine found paradise with a man she’d never known she wanted. But, love wasn’t enough, not for the bonds of fealty her lover obeyed, or to keep him with her when he doubted his own worth.

Her heart bruised by rejection, Celine set her course on a new path, determined not to let his absence break her. When he returns, wanting a chance to rekindle the flame between them and prove that his love for her was never in question, only his worth for the beautiful woman he wants as his mate, will the feelings she’s never relinquished for him be enough to bind them back together?

Is love enough to bring a human and a Fae together for eternity?


Author of the Veil Series, Jolanthe is a Marine Corps Brat and proud of it. The nomadic life of the military helped develop her love of reading and books became her friend.

A dancer, Jolanthe appeared in several productions in high school and later in the area theatres. She gave up her role of dancer/actress for her greatest role to date, that of Mother to a son who reminds her every day to find joy in the simplest of things and to use her imagination.

Missing the stage, and at the prompting of some on-line friends, Jolanthe gave rp-ing with an internet group a try. There she found and developed her skill as a writer.
When not working, writing, or keeping up with her son, Jolanthe can be found scouring antique shops, used bookstores, and of course, reading.