Twinsie of the Day Review for Sandrine Gasq Dion

Today we have a very special guest!  Kathy Sepanski is going a review for Sandrine Gasq Dion.

Kathy was the winner of the Kindle Fire during our MM March Madness!  She was very excited about winning and wanted to share her feelings and thoughts for some of her favorite books.

Welcome Kathy!!!  and here’s your tiara for the day!

Twinsie for the Day

Kathy Sepanski



I don’t remember what got me to read one of Sandrine’s books, but after one, I was a total goner.  To the point that on a cruise one year, all I read was her books.

From the “Assassin Shifter” series to the “Santorno’s”.  Love love love. Mateo and Riley and the purple Hippo, and the Youngblood family that keeps growing.
Then came the rockers,  “The Rock Series” was, is so much fun and I am so glad it went with audible.  I purchased the audible as soon as  I could.  And with the introduction of this group of books she introduced me to another M/M author…Ann Lister.  What fun, the mixing of the Rockers!!  I also love how Sandrine has combined the Olympians with the Shifters and how she always has a positive in a world that could be a total negative.  She is not naive or too
syrupy with her books (which is a plus in my opinion).  Sandrine does portray life and its ups and downs and even the evil.  I do love how she brings in the good, and communication into her characters.  I could go on for hours or days, but the simple truth is, read one of Sandrine Gasq Dion’s books ( Start at the Beginning, that’s best) and get hooked.

Happy Reading

2 thoughts on “Twinsie of the Day Review for Sandrine Gasq Dion”

  1. Thank you so much Kathy!! I’m so glad I could bring a little joy into this world for you!

  2. Once again thanks to Twinsie for the Kindle and Thanks Sandrine for the awesome books. Happy reading to everyone, can’t wait for more awesome books.

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