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Cupid's Arrow


A cupid shooting another immortal with an arrow of Love was stupid and dangerous, so Galen fully expected to be punished by his grandmother, the goddess Aphrodite, after he shot Jack Frost. What he didn’t expect was Grandmother to strip his wings and powers, then dump him stark naked in the middle of Detroit’s coldest winter on record.

As a social worker, Cassie Stamos has a thing for hard luck cases. However, the naked hot guy who stumbles into her life isn’t the typical homeless man she deals with, though Galen Erotes may be just as crazy. Or she thinks so until he introduces her to a talking reindeer.

She knows she can never be a part of his world, but has the kiss she stole from him already condemned him to the mortal realm forever?

***Warning! For my regular readers, this story severely departs from my usual style in that it involves a heterosexual relationship between one man and one woman. I apologize if this subject matter offends some of you.

It also involves instances of matchmaking, elf violence, senior citizen sexual mishaps, and more really bad t-shirt puns.

Novella, approximately 30,000 words





angies review

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I love to read Onne’s stories because they are always super fun…hot and sexy plus always fun too.

Galen is Cupid.  Like he is THE man.  In the last book, which I didn’t read and it didn’t affect my reading of this story, he caused a major problem…like a big time no-no.  SO his grandma and father are not too happy.  They decide to punish him and teach him a lesson.

Stripped literally and figuratively, he is dumped outside naked in Detroit.  Enter our heroine Cassie.  She steps in and helps to take care of Galen until his memory returns because the story he is telling has to be from a head injury right????

Galen and Dmitri, Cassie’s dad, crack me up a lot in the book.  Dmitri wants his daughter to be respected and treated well by Galen all the while Cassie is throwing herself at Galen…snicker…if only daddy knew who the naughty one in this situation really was.

The story is a quick and fun ready.  I mean we get to find out about the great war the Roman Gods are having with Santa Clause and his people….SEE FUNNY STUFF all the while waiting for Galen and Cassie to finally make a love connection.

Seriously though, this book was really fun and I sat one after noon and read through it laughing and fanning myself…f you are loking for something funny this is a good book to take a chance with.

about the author

Onne Andrews is currently trapped in a tiny Great Lakes town and writes erotic fiction to keep from turning into Stephen King’s Carrie. Cheesecake also calms the monster in her.

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