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Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity, is a very timely book that teaches you how to enjoy organic beauty and cleanliness, completely FREE of toxic petro-chemicals, using 100% organic non-toxic natural plant-based ingredients. This book provides priceless information that will help you improve your health, green your life, reduce your carbon footprint and significantly reduce your dependence on oil on Planet Earth, and most importantly, will help you save money!




The Tasty Herbal Vegan Kitchen cookbook contains over 100 delicious, healthy, organic, vegan recipes that are simple and easy to prepare and are very kid friendly. I’ve been a healthy, herbal, vegan cook for more than 20 years and cooking in the kitchen is one of my favorite passions. I’m a holistic, herbalist, vegan and all of my recipes are designed to keep the body well and feeling good. Recipes range from soups to salads to sandwiches to rice and pasta to desserts. All the recipes are tasty and simple to prepare and are very comforting. You will find various healing herbs in my recipes, including ginger, garlic, onion, green chives, and thyme. Some recipes are gluten-free, some are raw and all of the recipes are vegan, delicious, and very healthy. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cook, you will enjoy getting much use out of this cookbook.




Hawaiian Eyes is about a family who discovers invaluable healing ways and the detriments of the Western lifestyle. After being isolated from her family, Amanda Kaidei learns the truth about her father’s disappearance. She realizes it’s time to reunite and share this painful news. Each family member realizes the need for lifestyle change to have joyful longevity. After experiencing miracles, each Kaidei pursues life choices that will improve the world.


about the author

Dayna Colvin is a holistic organic writer and a very active environmental advocate and animal rescue advocate.  She and her husband live in the Pacific NW of the USA, are the happy thankful parents of their adorable beautiful little boy and their 2 adorable, wonderful, sweet cats, their fur babies.  Dayna hopes to inspire people to live healthier greener lives through her writing.

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