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Pretty Ugly (Mercy Mc, #1)

For Carmine life is messy and at times it can get downright ugly.
Bounced from one foster home to the next she’s never really had a real home or a real family. Bitter, spiteful and angry, at the young age of thirteen she finally lands in a place that sticks. And it is in no way a good place… except for him.
One look is all it takes for her to find a home and it’s not in a place but a person.
Lucien Oliver found himself orphaned and in the system after both his parents were murdered in front of him by a rival outlaw motorcycle club. Knowing he’d grow into the man his father groomed him to be, and that being not a very good one, he keeps everyone at a distance and only speaks when necessary. That is, until she shows up.
Once look is all it takes for Carmine to steal a piece of Lucien’s heart. A heart he has no desire to give away.
For two years, they live under the same roof and become the best of friends and the only family they have to speak of. Then, one night just days after Carmine turned fifteen, the unthinkable happens and they find themselves ripped away from one another in the most tragic of ways.
It won’t be until years later when they meet again. After Lucien is no longer Lucien but the enforcer to the Mercy Motorcycle Club and a man known as King. After Carmine gets out of jail, doing time for a crime she didn’t commit. Now adults and practically strangers they learn that life for them is always going to be mess and if it can get any uglier it will.
Lucien pushes Carmine too far and she finds herself in the arms of another. But will she stay there, or will she find her way home?
This is the start to a series and a spinoff of The Dollhouse Series. Due to adult content, it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18. Contains m/f/m scenes.




I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Mary!!  What are you doing to me! OMG this book….I sat down to get a few chapters in before I got around to doing some Christmas stuff annnnnd 60% in I decided I needed to take a shower!!!  King and Carmine…..I am speechless!!  I wanna kick you butt at the ending but speechless.  Hawt and bothered because DAYUM was that a hot scene but utterly confused by who I love more!!!

I was super excited for this spin off.  Do you need to read the Dollhouse series?  No but will you get a better appreciation of the craziness that you will be reading?  ABSOLUTEY!!

King and Carmine have this “connection” in the Dollhouse series.  We know that they watched out for each other in foster care and we know that she is in love with him and he her but the secrets that we learn about in this book….oy-freaking-vey.

Carmine and King have been through A LOT.  He has loved her from afar and he blames himself for letting her down during a big moment in her life.  She feels like she was betrayed by him and through this “issue” they are separated.  King vows to spend the rest of his life to find her.  When he does, shocked doesn’t even begin to tell you how he feels regarding her current situation.  He will take care of his woman and he will do it right the eff now!  And FYI she is not to thrilled to see him again ya’ll.

Carmine is so confused by King and what he does to give her some justice for her past.  She is also confused by what she is feeling for him and his two brothers, Stephan and Hash.  The couple need to stop yelling and hiding and start talking.  Everyone can SEE the chemistry and the sparks but they both are ignorant to how the other feels.

Carmine goes through a huge journey and finds an ally in her quest to capture King’s heart all the while also hoping that this love will heal the ally as well….dreamy sigh at my hopes for the next book……

The book stops COLD and leaves ya hanging but it also leaves me with hope because we can SEE the plan starting to unfold!!  Plus for you non-Dollouse readers it gives you time to read that series to prep you for book 2 of King and Carmine!!

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

I was so intrigued with King and Carmine from the Dollhouse series and was excited to read their story.  OMG the connections that Carmine has with a few of the Mercy guys is amazing.

King and Carmine were placed in the same foster home and King looked after her. Even though she was not the prettiest girl he was drawn to her and her eyes.  It crushed Carmine all she wanted was him but had to stand on the sideline and watch him be with anyone but her. When her world is turned upside down King was taken away from her. Her life spiraled from there and it was years before King found her. King was shocked to know where and why she had ended up where she was.

Carmine has been through hell most of her life things go from bad to terrible. Carmine no longer knows King they have grown and their experiences have changed them into different people. She is not sure about King now that he has stepped in and showed her exactly who he is. However, she does find she has a connection to two of his brothers who are told to look after her.

My heart went out to Carmine and all she went through. I got frustrated at Carmine and King at times they need to set down and let go of everything…communication is the key with these two.  This book does come to an abrupt halt not knowing what will happen with King and Carmine. I cannot wait for the next volume to find out how things are going to unfold.

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