#Review – Girl on a Wire (Wounded Bird #2) by Bella Roccaforte

Girl on a Wire (Wounded Bird #2)

When their love is lost, will they find hope along the way?

Wren had her brief moment of happiness with Maddox, but now he’s gone. Her heart has hardened and she’s shutting the whole world out. The only one that can break through the wall she’s built around her heart is Rhys, an artist from New York.
As she continues on her journey can she learn to trust again?

Maddox couldn’t take the pressure and now he’s living in his own personal hell without Wren. He’s going through the motions of life trying to move on from his one true love. Will he learn to live without her or step up to the plate and try to win her back?

Will Wren and Maddox’s paths cross again or will Maddox stay in the shadows so she can find happiness with Rhys?


Girl On a Swing is absolutely raw. So full of an incredible amount of emotions. I promise that when you read this book you will feel EVERYTHING.

Pain, emptiness, depression, anger, betrayals…… elation, joy, happiness, and love. Wren is going through a very dark time in her life and she decides to just shut it all off. She sees no light at the end of the tunnel. She doesn’t want complications. She decides she will live life and feel on her terms only. But she is such an emotional character and this is not working to her advantage. She meets Rhys and decides to take him for a spin but with a very strict set of rules (booty call!!). She is doing everything in her power to remove Maddox from her mind and heart. Little does she know but Maddox is living in his own personal hell. Both are harboring an intense love for each other but circumstances are keeping them apart. Wren tries a relationship with Rhys. Wren is having fun with Rhys and enjoys being with him. She starts to let go and opens her heart up to him but this may bring about more complications.

The emotions are raw and real. These characters were written with lots of soul and heart. I was engulfed in this story. Bravo, Bella! You have pulled my heart-strings!




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