#Review #Contemporary #BDSM Solid Stone: Revolving Door (Solid Stone #1) by E.G. Patrick

Some may say I’m quiet and unassuming. It would shock most that my nights are filled with dark elaborate fantasies. I never thought they’d come to life until I opened the door to Adam Stone, the Master of the Boardroom and the Bedroom. My tantalizing new reality with Adam scares the hell out of me. I know I should run like hell, but I can’t. He makes me want more, much more.”

I have been deemed the Master of Mergers. I have what it takes to bind the largest and most competitive companies when no else can. But, Violet… she’s milk and honey, untainted, a clean slate. When she walked through the door, I knew I had to have her. I wanted her more than any other woman, and I always get what I want.

Can Violet and Adam’s passion ignite an everlasting fire? Or will their differences make their romance go up in flames?

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book

First let me say I love reading new authors, but I especially love getting so sucked into a story that you can’t but it down and that is what E.G. Patrick did to me with this book!!
Violet is a paralegal who had a traumatic event in her dating past that put her off dating since. Adam is a high powered attorney who is confident and in control of all aspects of his life. The two couldn’t be more different from each other in every way.
The two run into each other, literally, several times and each are attracted to the other and decide to go on a date.
What follows is a roller coaster of emotions.
Violet is majorly attracted to Adam who she believe is so above her level, she is after all a is a woman of modest means and a virgin. She is a virgin with some deeply hidden desires though.
Adam is a rich man who has had lots of short term relationships and does not deal with emotions.
They both want only each other, Violet falls in love with Adam but he can not give her more than just right now and after hearing his story I can really understand why.
At times you wanna hate Adam because he seems quite controlling, at others you wanna smack Violet for taking to long to understand why.
They are really good together and the sex scenes are majorly HOT and hearing Violets inner desires are like Whoa!!
Just when she lets Adam know about her secrets, the book ends!!!! What else could I do but get the second book!!!
Violet is also getting some anonymous text messages that she is ignoring thinking they are nothing but I think they may be a jealous ex of Adam’s.
I can’t wait to get started on book 2.



E.G. Patrick lives in the city of Toronto and enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Writing is a wonderful change from the corporate world and an important part of E.G.’s life. When not writing, E.G. spends time with family and friends and adores animals. A glass of red wine is another form of relaxation for E.G. Cheers!


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