#NewRelease #Review – In His Custody, The Shaw Brothers Book 1 by Fiona Archer

In His Custody (The Shaw Brothers 1)

25th August 2017 ** This was initially a 29,000 word novella for a Box Set (of which all proceeds went to charity). The updated version has been expanded with new scenes.

After a messy breakup with a lying ex, English teacher Mercy Jones swore off men, especially the edgy ones. Safe, stable and comfy. Those are her catch words for a perfect partner. So why does the new substitute history teacher have to be dangerous, raw, and challenging—on every level? His uncompromising masculinity and questioning mind captivate Mercy, tempting her to risk her heart.

Detective Aidan Shaw is a cynical bastard, trusting nobody outside his family and fellow cops. But when working undercover to eradicate a high school drug network, Aidan meets an intelligent, feisty blonde with knock-out curves. Mercy’s warmth and generous spirit awaken a part of him buried deep for too long.

But how can Aidan remain undercover and not betray the woman he’s come to cherish? As he closes in on the criminals manipulating innocents for profit, the stakes grow ever higher—with deadly consequences.



Oh do I love Fiona’s brooding and alpha males.  Aiden did not disappoint.  I will say I was so glad that Aiden and Mercy were given a full novel.  This story was originally a novella in a charity boxset.  Well I guess we begged Fiona enough and she expanded the story for us greedy readers!

This is a great romantic suspense novel with a hint of some BDSM elements.  Aiden is undercover looking for a bad kid who caused another student to overdose when he sees Miss Jones.  She is the English teacher AKA The football coach’s nemesis.

Aiden and Mercy soon start a world wind courtship while Aiden is also trying to find out who the bad guy is.  The plot twist for who is involved was great and I sure didn’t see it coming.  The  scenes banter had me laughing a lot.

I love the way that Fiona can write such a strong male but with a great sense of humor because hot and funny is a winning combo in my book!!

Fiona Archer writes erotic romance filled with masterful Aussie alpha heroes and teams them with sassy heroines who limit their submissive side to the bedroom. She lives in sunny environs of Sydney, Australia, and is harassed by a flock of wild cockatoos that take over the back yard each afternoon, demanding their feed. Her favorite hobbies include watching Nathan Fillion on television, shopping for that ever-elusive perfect shade of lipstick, and drinking iced coffee.


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