#Review – Sweet Disaster (The Sweetest Thing #4) by Sierra Hill



My life is a complete and utter disaster.
One major screw up after another.
In other words – I’m trouble.

I attempted college, but made a mess of that scene, too. Chalk it up to yet another disappointment in my parents’ ever-growing list of Kady failures.
Deciding I needed an escape from reality, my best friend and I flew off to Europe, where we were going to have the time of our lives.

The only problem with that plan is that I ran out of money after two weeks, and now I’m stuck in Florence, Italy with no means of getting home.

See? Trouble finds me wherever I go.

All I ever wanted to do was play basketball.
It’s all I’m good at.

I bypassed college and went straight to the pros. I’ve been playing overseas in Italy for six months, gaining fame, fans and having fun.
There’s only one problem. I miss home. I’m not too big to admit I’m homesick for my family and friends.

But that all changed when I heard from Cade Griffin, a former college hoops star. He called and asked me to rescue his sister, Kadence, who’s stranded and alone here in Florence.

Seems easy enough, right?

Except for the fact that Kady Griffin is gorgeous, completely off-limits and a sweet disaster waiting to happen all over my life.

***SWEET DISASTER is a standalone novel and the fourth in The Sweetest Thing series. It can be read on its own or enjoyed with the other books in the series.



I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

This is a wonderful addition to this series. It can be read as a stand-alone but if you have read the others you know a little about Kady. She’s Cades little sister and one thing is sure she doesn’t care for basketball or players especially after spending her entire life have to watch Cade play. Kady is a free spirit loves doing things her way and in her time however this tends to land her in trouble.

Kady finds herself on a different continent with little money, no ID and no passport. She does the only thing she can she calls her big brother to help her out. Although not happy about it Cade calls in a favor to a teammate who’s brother is in Italy to help her until she can get her passport and ID. Little does she know when she meets Gavin what is in store for her.

Gavin is a chiseled ball player with a great of gold and has a funny side. When he agrees to do a solid for his brother’s friend by taking in his sister he realizes quickly he has got his hands full. To Gavin Kady is OFF LIMITS no way can they hook up. It would cause too much drama between his brother and Kady’s brother. However, the feisty fearless and sexy bombshell living in his apartment may have other plans no matter what Gavin thinks.

The banter back and forth between these two was too funny. I was flipping the pages trying to figure out if they would hook up or would the disaster that follows Kady strike again. I so want more of this Basketball series.

A few of my favorites:

“Eyes up here, dude,” she snaps her fingers in my face, drawing me out of the sensual trance. “I know I’ve got a great rack, and my girls are rather eye catching if I do say myself, but now’s not the time. There’s work to be done.” I’ll admit, all I heard from her was rack and now’s not the time. Which translated in my sex addled brain means that there might be another time. As in not right now, but later maybe. Which give me some ideas.

I rub my thumb over my lips and feel the ghost of her warm mouth lingering. Damn, she even tastes like a peach. Who said apples are the only forbidden fruit?

Kady Griffin is a beautiful mess and has no idea the kind of destruction she leaves behind in her wake. Sweet disaster is written all over her.

There’s only one word to describe everything we’ve done and shared the last two days: foreplay. The easy banter we’ve exchanged the risqué encounters. And now the intense physical connection between us as our bodies move in time with one another. It’s built as unstoppable magnetic force, charging between us.

“Whoa there, cowboy. Don’t go throwing me off just yet. I’m not done with my ride.”

She’s perfectly uninhibited. Spunky and spirited. Kady carries an inner light that blazes so bright, it’ll either warm you from the glow or burn you form intensity of her heat.

Since writing and publishing her first book in 2014, Sierra Hill has found her creative passion in writing about the fictional characters that live in her brain, who constantly shout for their love stories to be told.

Sierra frequently indulges in unhealthy doses of reading, too much dark chocolate, and never enough coffee. She often finds herself traveling around the country to see her favorite musicians in concert and is an alternative music enthusiast.

Sierra resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of twenty years and her long-haired, German Shepherd. She is currently working on her next book.


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