#NewRelease #review – Hope’s First Christmas (Brie’s Submission Book 19) by Red Phoenix

Hope's First Christmas (Brie's Submission Book 19)

USA Today bestselling author Red Phoenix brings you the magic of the season in this heartfelt and sizzling holiday romance.

Nothing is more enchanting than the wonder of a child on Christmas morning…
But Hope is not the only one who will experience the magic of the holidays.

Sir may not care for the season, but he enjoys challenging his beloved sub.
In the absence of extended family, you turn to your friends.

Unwrapping gifts will take on a whole new meaning at the Training Center.

And Santa has never been hotter!






I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

I was so ecstatic to get this book. I love this family so much and love when we get to see the entire training center family.  To see Brie and Sir celebrate Hope’s first Christmas took me back to my baby girls first Christmas and memories that will always be with me.

 There were so many great things going on in this book. So much family love on this Christmas season. Sir has not celebrated Christmas in years but Rytsar and Hope may just bring Christmas joy back into his heart. I was so exited to see what Sir has planned for Brie, Hope and even Rytsar.  Sir did an amazing job planning the Christmas party at the Training center. I enjoyed seeing all the surprises Sir and the other Dom’s had for the subs.  All I can say is I would love to sit on that Santa’s lap.

I had the feel goods through out this entire story. Some of the most amazing thoughtful gifts were given by Sir, Brie and Rytsar. It is Amazing who the best gifts given don’t have to be physical things but words from the heart and boy does Rytsar know the perfect way to deliver it and it is shocking who receives this gift.  I enjoy seeing Mary, Lea and the other subs in this one.  Everyone deserves friends like Sir and Brie’s. Christmas is my favorite holiday and this story was the perfect thing to get me in the Christmas Spirit.


My favorite quote:

“Two strong men facing a holiday they had avoided for years now choosing to experience the holiday through the wonder of Hope’s eyes.”


USA Today Bestselling Author

Red Phoenix is an award-winning romance author who gained popularity with her BDSM series, Brie’s Submission.

To join in the Brie experience begin with the 1st Boxed Set (Books 1-3) and start your journey into a sensual world…

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