Twinsie Dee’s Top 5 pick from January to June 2020

#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #PartofaSeries  What the Hex Happened (Unfortunate Spells Book 3) by Jennifer Laslie



Mortality might kill him if the crazy witch that hexed him doesn’t.

When Ashton finds himself at the wrong end of a powerful witch’s hex, gone is his comfortable life as a bartender at Hallow’s End. With his gift of thrall, he never wanted for beautiful women — human or supernatural — to warm his bed and satiate his hunger. But plagued with mortality, he’s lost his coordination, strength, and the one power that helped him catch a meal.

Gray hairs and body aches are only the first warning signs of a bigger problem. If Ashton can’t break the spell, he’s not sure he’ll make it to next week. Faced with the choice to either relive a mistake or let the hex do him in, he enlists the help of his best friend, Tensley.

Together, they embark on a trip from Texas to New York in search of the one thing they believe can cure Ashton. Only, Ashton can’t tell what’s in more danger, his immortality or the walls he’s put up around his heart. Will he be able to endure the dangers ahead without losing himself to the nightmares of his past?

My Review Woah wow more please,. Ashton is this sexy bartender who not only knows how to flip a bottle , serve a great drink and swoon the panties off a lady but he is also a vampire so what more could you ask for. Ashton could charm any woman he wanted so when he gets a weird feeling leaving work one night but cant see anything he just shakes it off, once he got his eye set of this gorgeous girl to take home and snack on back to his place. Once they arrive he already has a visitor his ex who only wants one thing and that’s for him to turn her into a vampire too which he has refused to do.  So she puts a hex on him making him human. So Ashton and his friend Tensley (who has had a thing for him forever) set off for New York in the cover of darkness to get this stone and turn him back into a vampire. But there are twist and turns that are following them on their journey and some wrenches get tossed into it as well. Will Ashton get turned back into a vampire before its too late or will he give in and turn his ex so get turned back. Oh my goodness this book was so good it keeps you handling on til the very end Ashton is just ahh I totally fell in love with him


#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #SeriesStarter Just One Chance (Oh Tequila 1) by C.A Harms




Tequila, you failed me.

You left me in a terrible haze, and I can’t find my god damn wallet.

Or my left shoe.

How the hell does one lose their shoe?

I have no f*cking clue.

All I know is that my night started out with one thing in mind…to have a little fun.

The problem with that? I can’t remember a damn thing, except one.

Morgan’s soft and needy moans. It’s a sound I will never forget, and just thinking about it makes my heart race and my pulse quicken. And I want to hear it over and over again…I crave it.

But Morgan’s a mystery. The harder I try, the more she resists. There’s one thing she doesn’t know about me though…I’m not one to give up.

I’ll play her game. I’ll let her think she’s won. But in the end, I will have her.

Because all I need is Just One Chance to prove she’s meant for me…

My Review Yes please i need  more Morgan will do anything for her family, she moved out got a job and padded for her classes just to take some of the finacial burden off her parents so that they can focus all of the help on her little brother Toby who ha cerebral palsy. So when she finally had a night off her best friend Marcus i making her get outta her comfort zone and let loose for once in her life, o he’s making her go to a frat party. It’s there that Morgan chooses she’s not doing what she normally does and that she is going to doing things different. Xavier lived in the frat house which most of the time is said to be a zooo you never knew who was going to prank who and when the next prank was going to play out. The party had well started drinks were flying and a game of never have i ever was under way, when Xavier had noticed a cute blonde on the other side of the circle during the game and she was looking right at him liking what she seen. Well i feel like I’m going to give away the whole book so ill stop there and make you read and fall in love with Xavier, Morgan and the crazy guys that live in the frat out along with both of their families. This book was amazing the frat brothers all make you laugh out loud with all of their pranks on each other’s and Morgans sassy, stubborn attitude will make you love her to and wish she was your friend.


#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #SeriesStarter Welterweight (Hallow Brothers book 1)by Tricia Andersen



BlurbCaleb Hallow doesn’t need anyone. All he needs is to dominate in the MMA cage and become world champion. His plans are derailed when he wakes up with a mysterious tattoo of his ancestors after a one-night stand with his opponent’s ex-girlfriend, Meg Riley. Sharing the mark with her joins them as mates for eternity. Can Caleb deal with Meg for the rest of his life? Can he keep her safe from his past as he falls deeply in love with her? And will she stay by him when she finds out he is actually a werewolf?

It was just a fling, a chance to get revenge on her cheating ex. At least that’s what Meg Riley tries to convince herself. But the indescribable pull that draws her to the dark, dangerous Caleb Hallow tells her differently. Although she is furious when she finds the strange tattoo on her back after their night together, and even though he tells her some convoluted story about him being a werewolf, she can’t stay away from him. She can’t stop herself from falling for him. When her ex threatens Caleb’s life, how far will Meg go to save him? Will she be willing to sacrifice her life for his?

My ReviewHoly hot werewolf shifter love making. Meg was dating the champion of the welterweight title Austin Graves and all Austin cared about was getting whatever he wanted and stopping at no cost to do so, even if it meant losing his girlfriend to his enemy and the man he hated the most Caleb Hallow. Meg caught Austin getting a blow job right in front of her by some groupie she was done with him for good. While sitting at the bar Meg felt a weird pulling sensation and when she turned around there was Caleb Hallow what better way to get back at her ex then getting under the one person he hates the most. Caleb was after the title he worked hard for years to get it and he wanted it but he had one secret he and his family had to be careful of on the full moon well they became werewolf’s and its a secret he kept to himself. After Meg and Caleb hooked up and had the best time either of them have had do they make it a normal thing or is it a hit it and quit it type hookup just to piss Austin off. Holy crap this book had me hook from the very beginning it will probably get you all hot and bothered and will definitely leave you wanting more. You will not be disappointed with this book at all.


#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #SeriesStarter Control Us by JM Walker



BlurbZach She was innocent. Passionate.Fierce.After Luna Stone and I went from friends to lovers, my only purpose was showing her how worthy I was. But how could I convince her when I didn’t believe it myself? I craved her touch and her smiles but most of all, her heart.I vowed to protect her and show her father that I could be the man for his daughter. I pushed.She pulled.And when all was said and done, I’d have to go through an even higher power to prove that I deserved her…Myself.*LunaHe was quiet.Withdrawn.Intense.Zach Porter and I had been friends since we were kids, but it had never amounted to anything more than that. Until now.But as close as we were getting, he was still closed off. He protected his heart and put up walls, even though he had no reason to. He shoved.I grabbed hold and never let go.If I didn’t fight for what was ours, he’d succumb to his demons and believe their vicious words telling him that he’s not good enough. To give up.On us.

My ReviewWow wow wow, Luna wanted it all a family, career and her best friend since they were kids. Zach was a troubled kid then was adopted into a loving house, but that didn’t stop the torture he went through as a child from creeping into his mind. Once these two let their feelings be known nothing could stand in their way well except for Luna’s dad that is no one was good enough for his daughter. But Zach and Luna didn’t care they wanted what they wanted but his past might just get in the way of their happiness. This book was amazing there aren’t enough words to use to describe how wonderful it is with some twist and turns and shocking surprises it’s gonna get you hook line and sinker.


#WOTR #AttendingAuthor #SeriesStarter Brothers of the Flames (Ariel Kimber Novel 1) by Mary Martel


Blurb  Ariel Kimber is a 17-year-old girl who, thanks to her mother, has had a life full of unpleasantness and abuse. And it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

After her mother meets a man online, Ariel is forced to move to a different state, leaving all that she has ever known behind. Any teenager’s nightmare. But Ariel isn’t like most teenagers, she’s different, and she has literally nothing to leave behind. No friends, no nothing. They move next door to a house that remains empty all summer long until the day before the first day of school. A school where the other kids treat Ariel like garbage because of who her mother is and the fact that she’s different from them, save for a few – her neighbors. Tyson, his mysterious Uncle, Quinton, and twins, Abel and Addison. They quickly become her only friends, but Ariel soon finds out they are hiding things from her, keeping secrets from her. And she wants answers. Surprisingly, they give them to her. What do you do when you find out you’re not who you always thought you were and your whole world gets flipped upside down?

Ariel Kimber stumbles into a world she didn’t know existed, a world of magic and nothing is as it seems. Thankfully, she has the guys to guide her, to hold her hand along the way and she is going to need a whole lot of hand holding.

-This is a Reverse Harem series.

– There is adult langue and some mature content so be warned of that.

My Review- Holy moley was this a great book I’ve had a hard time trying to put into word how much i loved this book while not giving important information away. Ariel was just your average girl well as average as she could be she was just moved from her high school that she loved because she could blend in with the crowd and no one noticed her. Her mom was a whore and went from one rich man to the next and didn’t care how she ruined Ariels life in the process. So at a new school with everyone is staring and talking about her Ariel definitely didn’t like it one bit. Then things started to change the boy next door never talked to anyone but everyone noticed that he treated Ariel differently, and when he paired up with her for a class project she wasn’t too sure how to handle that i mean after all he was very good looking but he did snarl at her. Well there is more between these two then just looks and class projects they definitely had some magic flowing between them. This book will get you hook line and sinker, feeling for Ariel and her mothers relationship, curiously wondering about the next door neighbors and why they are all so sexy with their good looks, and wondering what is up with this new man candy her mom has claimed this time.

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