#NewRelease #DualReview – The Russian Unleashed – By Red Phoenix

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I am a simple man. I love fine vodka, whips, and beautiful women.

And I have a secret.

At twenty-one, I’ve just inherited my family’s entire fortune.

Young, rich, and powerful, I am a force to be reckoned with –

in and out of the bedroom.

But the streets of Russia are dangerous.

When innocence is threatened, I risk my life to save a girl.

Now the Bratva have their sights set on me.

I did not ask to be a hero, but I refuse to back down.

I will fight to the end to protect the honor of the woman I love.

I am Rytsar Durov.

They have no idea what they have unleashed!



I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

I was so happy to be able to read more about Rytsar. He is by far my favorite not that I would want those cat o’nines near me I still like him. He has so many sides to him besides his sadist side. Rytsar is an amazing humanitarian not that he wants everyone to know this.

Family is everything to him even if he had to go out and find his family. Your family is not always the family you were born into but is the family you make and find on your journey of life. Rytsar is an expert at this by surrounding himself with incredible people.

Anytime we get a glimpse into Rytsar’s life I am surprised at how much he has overcome and how mature he is for his age. He is truly a man of integrity and compassion. Do not get me wrong he will do what ever it takes to hand out punishment to whoever needs them and they are always fitting of the crime.

I love Rytsar and with every book I was always sad he never got a happy ending by falling in love with someone special. I am beginning to see he doesn’t need that one person to make him happy he has the memory and spirit of Tatianna with him always. If not for Tatianna he would not have all the amazing family he has around him now.

I enjoyed seeing more of Rytsar and learning about what makes him the man he is today.

I received this book for free from the author for an honest review.

Rytsar…oh Rytsar!!  Lawd do we love him!!

This book is a great look into our favorite Sadists life after college and before the Brie books.

We get to see more of the man and what made him who we love today.  I always love to see the brotherly love bond between him and Thane.  They are such amazing brothers from different mothers yet they both learn to lean on the other though trying times all their life. Even though I love Thane with Brie, its fun to see him single and what he was life Pre-Brie.

Rytsar is dealing with so much family drama in this book.  We see when he comes into his inheritance and the further strain it puts on him and his blood brothers.  We see him embracing Thane as his only brother more in this book as well.  The family bonds a person has can be very complex for a person.  Rytsar definitely shows that in each and every chapter of this book.

Tatianna…how I wish things had been different for her and him.  But she is what makes him the man we love today.  She is what gives him is lifelong mission.  The result of what happens to her made him grow more than anyone his age and that also makes a big imprint on the man he becomes later in life.  I really and truly hope in the Brie series he is able to open his heart to another because fans of the series want him to be as happy as his best friend.  Plus can’t you just see him as a daddy??  OMG YESSSSSS!!!!!!

I loved reading this snippet into his life so we, the readers, can see more of the man we already love but we can see all he has over come to be the strong and loyal friend he is today.

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