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Dove Daniels is the alter ego of writer A.D. Ellis 😊

The Heart Series 4-Book Box Set includes the following four novellas:

Holding My Heart
He’s promised to look out for his best friend’s little sister.
She’s ready to build a new life in the big city.
A hot and heavy case of mistaken identity puts Zane and Sophie in a potentially awkward situation. Will they crash and burn or overcome the obstacles they face?
Holding My Heart is a brother’s best friend, age-gap, steamy virgin romance.

Owning My Heart
He can’t leave the girl stranded. After all, she’s his best friend’s daughter.
She can’t believe her dad forgot she was coming home. Thank goodness for her dad’s best friend.
Adam is determined to fight the attraction he feels toward his best friend’s much younger daughter. Bella is falling for him a little more each day. Can their unconventional relationship withstand the challenges they face?
Owning My Heart is a dad’s best friend, age-gap, steamy romance.

Stealing My Heart
He’s been alone for a very long time. Maybe it’s time to meet someone.
She’s falling for the man she met online.
Caleb welcomes his daughter’s best friend, Cassie, into his home and helps her land an important internship working for him. When Caleb and Cassie each receive some shocking news, they have to decide which path is best for them.
Stealing My Heart is a best friend’s dad, age-gap, steamy virgin romance.

Healing My Heart
He loved her way back then, but their age difference was a big issue.
She’s lost her way and just wants someone to love her.
When Shaw realizes Addison is back in town, he knows it’s meant to be. An impromptu road trip will either allow this unconventional couple a chance to build something special or send them both into a tailspin.
Healing My Heart is a best friend’s brother, age-gap, steamy romance.



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