#Review – Dark Moon Falls: Kellan – By: Bella Roccaforte

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Born enemies – fated to be mates.

Kellan arrives in Dark Moon Falls full of purpose…and secrets. The Legion has given him one week to find his brother’s murderer, after that, the demons will descend upon Dark Moon Falls bringing with them death and destruction to all who stand in their way.

Kellan finds what he came for and so much more. He finds his one true mate in the process and is forced to make a choice between his Legion and his one true love.

Can Kellan save Samira from execution? Or will Samira be the one that does the saving?


Review by Kelly

It is very difficult to just BE when you struggle with who you are. To me, this sums Kellan up perfectly. He is a demon and he has to find his brother’s murderer. It doesn’t matter if his brother’s death was justified or not, right and wrong is completely out the window. Kellan is an incredible character and Samira compliments him perfectly. The tension and angst between these two is incredible. Even though they were born to be enemies, they are tied together by the fates. The fates, I tell ya, they are tricky bastards. You cannot fight them. These two do a lot of soul searching before finally succumbing to being with each other. But can you still trust each other? Whose family do you actually belong to and where do your loyalties lie? And true to Bella Roccaforte’s nature, be prepared for some crazy twists and turns that will surely keep you entertained. This is part of the Dark Moon Falls world but can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend.

Award Winning Author!

Bella’s motto has always been that you can choose to watch life pass you by or your can be the one spinning the world. You have to get out and live, life won’t come to you!

Bella has always seen things in the world with a different view and has been an avid story-teller. She is enjoying putting her crazy musings into print for others to enjoy.

To her, one of the most exciting parts of writing is getting a chance to interact with readers. It is truly her hope that readers will reach out and tell her what they like and even don’t like about her stories. She’s looking forward to a relationship with the readers to better write stories they will love.

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