#WOTR23 #Review – ICE (Sin City MC) by: Michel Prince

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The members of the Sin City MC never leave before all the cards are played.

Being a wild card is par for the course for the Sin City MC’s Maxwell ‘Ice’ Winter. The current Road Captain is tasked with getting the men to their location and back again safely by knowing the back roads, law enforcement traps and safe places to tuck away if danger arises. What he’s not sure of are the five-year-old twins dropped suddenly into his care. While he’d been fighting with their mother for more visitation his life isn’t set up for full time daddy duty. And a score needed to be settled with whoever took their mother from them.

Bree Stanton is like most in Vegas, a transplant. Thousands of miles away from her family in Georgia she missed the old neighborhoods. Generations of people leaving, only to come back. There was no old lady sitting on a porch with the latest gossip. Instead she was met with people confused by her wave at the mailbox, shutting doors to her. All, but one, with a set of adorable twins making her feel like family. When the kids wander to her house because mommy won’t wake up she’s pulled into a world of chaos. One the woman used to the certainty of mathematics is unsure she can handle.

Between Ice’s need for revenge, the threat of the murderer returning and want to protect the littles calling her Auntie, Bree has to remember adrenaline fueled romances never work. Will her logical and cautious nature short her heart of a man worth taking a chance on? And can Ice settle his affairs and teach the first woman to break through his cold heart what it means to be claimed by Sin?


Review by Twinsie Melinda

I purchased this book.

This was a great intro to the Sin City MC. I so enjoyed Ice, the MC guys, and the story line. Most of all the connection between Ice and Bree was great.

After the death of his twin’s mother, he is determined to take care of his kids any means necessary. However, there is Bree the neighbor is also determined that she will protect them any means possible.  Even in that means leaving her home and stepping into the MC life to protect them. Ice is the Road Captain of Sin City MC and can navigate any map but he is having difficulty navigating Bree.

Bree is an only child and moved away form home to build her own life and follow her dreams but she still wants to make her parents proud of her. Sometimes her dreams and her parent’s expectations clash a bit.

This book pulled me in and I have to say even though Ice could be an ass he did take up space in my heart. There was some good twist that I didn’t see coming. The chemistry was great to see between Bree and Ice. Those twins where pretty great too I wouldn’t mind seeing what those two were up to in their teens and older years. Ice will have his hands full that’s for sure.

Michel Prince is an author who graduated with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science. Michel writes young adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

With characters yelling “It’s my turn damn it!!!” She tries to explain to them that alas, she can only type a hundred and twenty words a minute and they will have wait their turn. She knows eventually they find their way out of her head and to her fingertips and she looks forward to sharing them with you.

When Michel can suppress the voices in her head she can be found at a scouting event or cheering for her son in a variety of sports. She would like to thank her family for always being in her corner and especially her husband for supporting her every dream and never letting her give up.

Michel is a member of RWA Pro and Midwest Fiction Writers. In 2013 she was awarded Elite Status with Rebel Ink Press. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, son, and cat.

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