#WOTR23 #Review – Broken Outlaws By: BT Urruela

Xander Evans lived a tragic childhood, spending most of those years in foster care. He never felt like he had a home—discouraged with his plight—until he stopped in the small town of Truman Valley, Missouri. There, he met a woman who would change everything he ever knew. Paige Watson opened his heart and eyes to a new perspective; redefining Xander’s mind, body, and soul, giving him a new outlook on life. Unfortunately, luck had other plans and Xander now faced a new home—prison—after being sentenced to life for the murder of his true love’s mother.

Gabriela Michaels grew up with loving adoptive parents in Wyoming; her life far more stable than the brother she never knew, Xander Evans, who bounced around between foster homes. The stability and support encouraged Gabriela to become the first female US Army Special Forces soldier with three deployments under her belt. On her third and final deployment, Gabriela fell victim to a military sexual trauma. Upon leaving the service, Gabriela’s life quickly spiraled out of control in a fury of drugs and violence. Her only hope rested in a band of broken outlaws and her former flame, a brother-in-arms.

These broken outlaws came from different pasts, different circumstances, different influences, but together they forged a bond unlike any other. Through love, loyalty, and sacrifice they strengthened their broken places—kindred spirits in the world of sinners, misfits, and outlaws.


Review by Twinsie Melinda

I found myself laughing at the characters and wanting to have a drink with them at points in the book. Then there were parts were I wanted to curl up next to them and hug them hold them and cry with them. You know something bad happens from the prologue but you get sucked into the story and you just don’t want to believe it’s going to happen or be true. These people become family, your family and you only want the best for them good things for them. I mean they are good people after all. What am I talking about who are these wonderful people well let me tell you about them.

Xander Evans grew up in foster care and is traveling through a small town in Missouri when he sees a guy giving a gorgeous woman a hard time. Well Xander is not going to stand for that and steps in. This wins the appreciation of the ladies father and an invite to dinner which eventually lands Xander a job at the Watson Wineries. Xander becomes close to the Watson family especially the daughter Paige. However, he keeps his distance because he doesn’t want to disrespect her dad Jack. Xander doesn’t made many friends and Paige has a nasty ex that won’t leave them alone. Things are going good until one tragic night that changes all their lives for the worse and their lives will never be the same. Want to know what that was well you’re going to have to get the book and read it for yourself because that is all your getting out of me. Now I need to go get my tissues to catch the tears.

I absolutely loved Paige and her no hold back say whatever I son my mind. Even though she has a great family life and a loving mom and dad it doesn’t mean she has had an easy life. The relationship she has with her BFF Brandi is the best they can tell each other anything just say it how it is and not get upset with one another if they do they don’t stay that way for long. The friendship that Xander and Chase have is amazing too. Even though Xander tries to fight the feelings for Paige the sparks are there and they are spectacular. The day Paige’s Mom and Dad find out about them is great I enjoy watching these two squirm.

BT Urruela did a good job on his first novel he had me turning the pages devouring this story. I so enjoyed these characters they came alive for me I was right there going through everything with them and when tragedy hits I was a blubbering mess even though I knew it was coming I still didn’t want to admit it. It’s like I said these people became my people and I wanted to protect them and didn’t want anything to happen to them. All I can say is I want more and need more of Xander, Paige, Brandi and Chase.

BT Urruela was an infantryman in the US Army from August 2004 until February 2011. At the end of a year long tour to Baghdad, Iraq, his vehicle was hit by two roadside bombs, which took his right leg below the knee and the life of his commander. He was awarded a Purple Heart for his wounds, an Army Commendation Medal, and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He medically retired from the Army in 2011 and moved to Tampa, FL where he currently works as a Director and Brand Ambassador for VETSports, a veteran community sports nonprofit he co-founded in 2012. He also conducts motivational speeches, works as a cover and fitness model and he’s a personal performance trainer.
He’s a co-author of the military romance novel A Lover’s Lament and the upcoming romantic thriller and his debut solo novel, Into the Nothing.

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