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#Review #DebutAuthor #Military #FreeKU – Bones: Black Dove Security: #1 (Black Dove Security) by Ainsley Cole

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Bones: Black Dove Security: #1

Braedon “Bones” Roberts is used to getting his own way. As leader of Black Dove Security, he runs an efficient and often deadly team of operatives who specialize in keeping the rich and famous safe. There isn’t a situation in the world he can’t tackle and come out on top of…until he meets Witty and smart Doctor Abigail Baker, the lead scientist who’s tasked with discovering the cause of mass bleeding deaths in the Kenyan desert.

Abigail grinds on Bones’ nerves with her forthright honesty, but he can’t keep her out of his mind and his dirty fantasies, and before long, they’re closing in on becoming more than colleagues in a dangerous realm.

When the local militia find out who Abigail is, the hunt is on, and the Black Dove Security team leap into action. Their primary goal is keeping Abigail on the move and away from the militia is going to be harder than they hoped.

Bones has a decision to make—keep Abigail in Kenya to find out what is causing the disease, or flee from the militia and protect her life.

Either way, he’s playing with fire, and at the center of it all, she’s a woman he’d lay down his life for.


Free on KU

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I was excited to read this book when I saw it.  The blurb totally enticed me.  Ex-Military men helping a doctor find what is going on in an African village.  It sounded like a great romance and suspense filled book….totally up my alley.

I know with a new series you must give the author some leeway to world build and this author doesn’t take much time for that.  The back story is told while we are reading in present time.  We learned about the team and their past while we are introduced to all the characters in the beginning of the book and throughout the entire book.

Each of the guys have a specialty and are not looking forward to helping the doctors in Kenya due to their past jobs and people they fought previously.

The doctors, Abigail, Chris and Andrew, are green to what will be happening when they are in Kenya.  They think it will be “simple” to investigate all these deaths.

Abigail and Bones have immediate love and hate with each other.  They are attracted and fight it.  It got a bit redundant hearing them both fight the way they felt about the other during the story.  I think it was to build angst but for me it didn’t come across that way.

Abigail and Bones work well together despite the attraction they feel for the other.   They soon learn what is happening to the people in the village and face off against the people causing the troubles.  The story line really picked up in my opinion when they were facing the bad guys vs dealing with the Bones/Abigail will they/wont they storyline.

Would I read the next story in the series?  Sure.  I did enjoy the characters and I would love to see what writing growth is in the 2nd story.

Ainsley Cole is a young (36 is young… right?) mother of 4 from Western Australia.

She’s been lucky enough to have been married to her best friend for the last 18 years and they have made 4 adorably demonic children.  

Ainsley started writing when she was only 11. At the start it was about fairies and elves, but it had grown into other genres, including Vampire, Werewolves and hot men with broken personalities. 

When she isn’t writing, Ainsley likes to watch Marvel movies (Bucky is not the bad guy), listen to music and play video games. 

Hopefully within these pages, you find something which tickles your fancy. Ainsley has a lot to offer and it’s going to be a hell of a ride.