#Review – The Vilka’s Captive (Shifters Of Kladuu #3) by Pearl Foxx

The Vilka's Captive (Shifters of Kladuu, #3)

She risked everything to save her sister.

Now she’ll need his help to survive an alien planet she never could have imagined.

Refusing to believe her sister died during her Falconer Elite flight exam, Linnea Quincy infiltrates a flesh trading ring and is hand-delivered to an enemy camp on Kladuu. But she’s not the only captive there. Her cell-mate happens to be tall, dark, and brooding… and the son of the enemy.

Nestan hasn’t seen his people in six months. Trapped in his father’s new pack of rebel Vilkas, he is beaten, starved, and ridiculed for his loyalty to the Alpha his father murdered. All the best parts of him are stripped away, and he is becoming more beast than man. Until a human woman arrives to camp with beautiful curves and a constant smile. Before she is sold to another clan, they escape into the wilderness of Kladuu with enemies at their heels and the only home Nestan has ever known far, far away.

If they can survive Savas, the man-eating Katu, and a fire-breathing, acid-spitting Draqon baby, they may just return to the ones they love… and find each other.

Shifters of Kladuu Series (A Scifi Alien Shape-shifter Romance):

The Vilka’s Secret (A Website Exclusive Short Story)
The Vilka’s Servant
The Vilka’s Mate
The Vilka’s Captive

A Scifi Alien Weredragon Romance continuation…

The Draqon’s Human (Coming Soon)
The Draqon’s Prisoner (Coming Soon)
And more!

Note to Readers: This science fiction alien romance series contains lots of action, alpha males, fierce human women, and steamy romance. If you love fast-paced sexy books set in space with alien shapeshifters then this series is for you! Guaranteed happily-ever-afters with no cliffhangers.






This is book three and Nestan’s story. Nestan is the son of Savas who is dealing in the flesh trade which involves trading human women for pleasure/slavery. When Savas went rogue he continued the flesh trade and took his son, Nestan, with him. Nestan has never agreed with his father’s ways and has always ended up a punching bag or someone to talk down to. Linnea is a human and stows away on a flesh trading ship to try and find her sister. When she is brought to the camp things get really intense. Linnea and Nestan face some trials with each other and were jailed together in Savas’s camp. Things get complicated….They escape but help a Draqon baby that was imprisoned too. This trio is then on the run in the jungle trying to get back to his Vilkan pack to give warning about the incident. Along the way they are faced with many obstacles but this trio just works. I love the world of Kladuu and the characters in the books. This book has a lot of diversity and how this diversity is overcome is truly incredible. The story is fast paced, action packed, and steamy but with a lot of real life struggles that most people face every day. I am truly enamored with these characters and this world. While this story gets pretty deep on an emotional level there is the perfect amount of wit, laughter and steaminess in there as well. One of my favorite lines near the beginning is “Shape-shifting wolfmen were hard enough to swallow, but this is like some kind of ridiculous fantasy novel.” And it doesn’t stop here. The best part about this couple is they find a purpose within themselves with each other. I’m loving this series!


Pearl Foxx is the author of epic space adventures with steamy romance you will never want to stop reading. Join in the fun at www.pearlfoxx.com.

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