#WOTR19 #AuthorSpotlights – T.M. Cromer

T.M. Cromer

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

T.M. Cromer

Where is your favorite place to write and what food must be present?

Favorite spot to write? The couch in my living room, but I like to plot in my kayak – preferably while on the lake, but I’ll sit in it in my yard if I have too. Yes, there is an unhealthy attachment there. I have a handy-dandy supply of chocolate always at the ready. I call it my brain food. 😉

What are you favorite things about attending signings?

Definitely the fans! It always blows me away at how welcoming and appreciative they are.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

I think it would have to be J.K. Rowlings because I admire her so much. I mean, what an inspiration, right?

What author would you love to write with?

Jill Barnett. Granted, I’d have to switch genres to Historical, but I don’t see a problem with that. 🙂 For the record, she’s a doll!

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

It has to be from my first reader/author con. From across the room, a woman screamed and drew everyone’s attention. As she charged toward me, I looked behind me to see who she was rushing for. It was me! She nearly broke my ribs; she hugged me so tightly. Good times!

What are your social links?


What are your buy links?

You can find links for all my books at tmcromer.com/books.

Twinsie Angie’s Review of Burning Resolutions

I received this book for an honest review.
*Snort* Yes I am still laughing at this book. I mean if you like funny and insane then this my friends is a book for you. I mean the first chapter had me LAUGHING so hard and out loud. It’s an over the top yet so much fun read. I think that if you enjoyed Tara Sivec’s writing then you will need to read these as well!
Erica, the main character is soo me….packing on a few pounds and hating the way she looks she decided to go to the gym. Holy Mother of God who is the work out sadist…errr…coach?? Why yes hottie from high school Zach that’s who! The banter had me cracking up at parts and laughing so hard. When the two are flirting and thinking about the good old high school days there is a bit of drama which causes Erica and Zach to spend more and more time together which makes them become more and more attracted to each other. The chemistry was hot and their relationship was a wild ride. The suspense storyline was good but you can kiiiiiiinda figure it out but the twist we get was something I wasn’t expecting!!
Yes there were times I was gonna vagina punch Erica for letting her insecurities push Zach away and same to him with a solid nut punch because he would compare Erica to women from his past but generally I loved the two. I laughed so hard and was thrilled when the book 2’s story line started to take shape…man Mason and Shondra are gonna be so much fun to read because he opened his mouth and inserts his foot A LOT around her!! LOL


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