#WOTR21 #Zombies #SeriesStarter – The Chasing Zombies , Beautifully Undead book #1 by L.C, Mortimer AKA Sophie Stern

The Chasing of Zombies (A Standalone Dystopian Thriller)

Zombies never stay dead.The end of the world wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be fire and ice and chaos and burning, but it wasn’t. It was slow, and it was quiet, and it was unexpected. Ten years after the fall of civilization, Velvet lives alone. She lurks in the shadows, she never stays in the same place twice, and she does whatever it takes to protect her only companion: a mangy orange cat who started following her sometime in June.When Velvet stumbles across a group of survivors fighting in the streets, she realizes that life isn’t always what it seems, and that maybe the end of the world wasn’t quite as final as she thought it was.THE CHASING OF ZOMBIES is a dystopian adventure story by L.C. Mortimer, author of Just Another Day in the Zombie Apocalypse.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I received this book from Booksprout for an honest review.

ZOMBIE LOVE in full force!!  WHOOT WHOOT!!  So this book starts with Velvet and her precious buddy and only friend of the 10 year apocalypse, Dennis the cat.  LOL  Yes she has a cat friend.

Velvet has returned home to try and figure life out.  After traveling all over she hopes coming home will help her maybe find the answer to what happened??  All she finds is zombies and some strangers!!!  Velvet is not sure she should trust them.  Eshe and her crew are stunned to have been living here for a year and find a girl plus a CHILD in their town.  She worries she has been letting her guard down.

This story is a lot of world building in that we learn about the group and Velvet.  We are getting to know how the group functions and how Velvet has lived alone for so many years.  We see the new rag tag team forming a plan to save a child. Who in the world has a baby in this mess?  Who in the world leaves a child?  Is this a trap?  Who is setting up who?  So many questions but I loved the beginning of the series. I am kinda looking Winchester over like HEEEEY Big man!!!  Come hang with me *wiggles eyes*

L.C. Mortimer was raised on a small farm in Kansas, which sparked her interest in going off the grid. Learning how to can, garden, and become self-reliant were all important parts of her upbringing. After pursuing her degree in English Literature, Mortimer traveled the country with her husband, living in Hawaii, Maryland, and everywhere in between. When she’s not busy dreaming up her next story, Mortimer can be found stocking up on canned goods for the zombie apocalypse.

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